Example sentences of "[adv] over [art] " in BNC.

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1 You are able to collect the information detailed below over a number of informal visits , and are now required to present your preliminary conclusions and recommendations for Davenport 's consideration .
2 Channel shares had varied somewhat over the years , quite apart from the changes caused by the introduction of BBC2 and Channel 4 ( Table 6.18 ) .
3 While most participants perceived the problem they differed somewhat over the matter of its resolution .
4 Shortages vary somewhat over the country .
5 This attitude has changed somewhat over the years and there are now fewer homes than there used to be .
6 It 's perhaps improved somewhat over the years .
7 It is the slow ones — the young , the old and the sick — that are caught , simply because they are not quick enough over a long enough distance .
8 After all , mass-produced will always be mass-produced , but the whole point of mass-produced electrics is that you can walk into a store , pick the very best example from a row of several , spend a little money on a great setup , and maybe some pickups , and still save enough over a custom guitar to buy yourself an extremely nice amplifier .
9 He was certainly talkative enough over the November weekend which he spent with the Crossmans in north Oxfordshire .
10 ‘ The pencil could not go fast enough over the paper , so quickly changed the scenes . ’
11 He was amiable enough over the port .
12 Ford claims most are selling for enough over the MGFV to pay a deposit on a new Options car now for the same monthly payments .
13 Mr Wood has learned enough over the years about badgers to be able to get in as close as just a foot or two .
14 He began to speak out loud over the sound of the copious running water ; he congratulated himself for not crying in public , he congratulated himself for not getting hurt , for not letting himself be assaulted on the way home , for not letting anyone corner him or get him down on the floor or up against a wall but for keeping walking instead .
15 Some bank loans are provided in the form of a standby-credit or commitment which means a bank will provide funds if required to do so over a stated period , either on a fixed or floating rate basis .
16 It is very effective , in that it can be used to cool an extinguish solid combustibles and flammable liquids , and systems which apply it can be made to do so over a limited ‘ volume ’ of the racking where the fire is i.e. the fire can be ‘ pin-pointed ’ .
17 America inherited Britain 's thankless task of trying to maintain a semblance of stability in the Middle East , and has been singularly unsuccessful in doing so over the three decades that have passed since Suez .
18 Bowen delivered the ideal ball into the penalty area and Sutton reached it before the advancing Norman only to flick it a yard or so over the top .
19 Both Halsey and Goldthorpe ( 21 ) , ( 22 ) , separately have found that the privileged continue to be so over the years when we have claimed that educational opportunity was available to the able child .
20 If you need to withdraw more than £500 you can do so over the counter at your Midland branch .
21 My first ever act went really well ; I was so over the moon I walked all the way home to Streatham with this huge smile on my face .
22 If you are one of the people who think all that pre-match razzamattazz is so over the top , the actual kick-off is 8pm .
23 When I first began designing for double jacquard , which was quite a long time ago , there was little or no information available and not many knitters used the technique , so over the years I learnt the hard way by trial and error .
24 Fewer than 1 in 5 of the men in our sample has confined his sexual experience to a single partner , though two-thirds of them have done so over the last 12 months .
25 The larger unincorporated industrial towns could petition for incorporation under this Act and many did so over the following years .
26 But rabbits are most accessible to the mink in the spring and autumn , and much less so over the winter .
27 So over the next few months we 'll be looking at the underlying organization of Windows from a practical point of view ; showing you exactly how to install , run and remove applications ( and other things , like printer drivers ) from Windows .
28 There was a lot of helpful feedback from these pieces so over the next few months I will try to provide a few more examples to expand this work .
29 Now an endowment is obviously based on a principle of interest only on l loan , so over the same term , of twenty years , you 've only ever paid interest off the loan and you still owe th a after twenty years , you 'd still owe the building society ten thousand pounds .
30 We tended to think of Sandy as a liability because he had been so over the past years .
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