Example sentences of "[adv] that [prep] " in BNC.

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1 He sent a little prayer ceilingwards that at least there would be no dinner jackets , then ran a comb through his hair as an afterthought .
2 Jim concluded gloomily that in his view we should go on sliding downhill for the next few years .
3 Owen realized suddenly that like her mistress she was old .
4 He liked marriage so much that despite all the difficulties of his first attempt , when he met you he decided to try it again .
5 The wind came so swiftly that within half an hour we were reducing sail , taking water over the deck , and beginning to lumber into a building seaway .
6 The contest , as in the first round , was dominated by personality clashes and regional rivalries , especially that between the highland capital of Quito , represented by Durán , and the major Pacific coast city of Guayaquil , with which Nebot was more closely identified .
7 Its glory is its sculpture , especially that on the triple western portal ( PLATES 55 , 56 and 57 ) .
8 The co-opératives of the Mâconnais are also good sources of Crémant de Bourgogne , especially that from Lugny , which has some delicate toasted fruit and flavours of mature Chardonnay .
9 It followed naturally that in the absence of an effective base network Soviet leaders would adopt a base denial strategy directed against the West 's military assets .
10 Whether or not those complaints were justified is another matter ; enough that at the time I felt they were .
11 We can see easily enough that in a competitive world social selection for a selfish maximization of an individual 's capacity to reproduce will result in the predominance of certain traits in a population .
12 The courts decided readily enough that in this instance the offence is one requiring proof of mens rea ; ‘ the gist of the offence to my mind lies in the intention with which the thing is done , ’ as Darling J. put it .
13 While it is clear enough that by 1519 the Household system badly needed reform , it is less clear that the Edwardian system existed only on paper .
14 Heisenberg laid it down that in this circumstance there should be an uncertainty AE about the amount of energy released amounting to at least formula ; .
15 But since the cases of Gordon and Paterson have now laid down that in obligatory section 7(4) cases there must be a reference to the possible alternative of giving urine and since this procedural requirement , shorn of the doctrine of driver 's preference , appears to present no difficulty to the police , it would now , I think , be inappropriate to reverse those decisions to the extent of abrogating this procedural requirement .
16 What matters is that a limitation has been set ; and now if a child brings out a gun , a knife , a rope ladder or even a box of matches you can check with the list and then either stay in role and say " You may have meant to bring that rope ladder , but it 's not here " , or come out of role and discuss the agreed rules of the drama , one of which is perhaps that in this drama there is no recourse to magic .
17 As the result of lengthy investigations into the Duzme Mustafa revolt , Mehmed Sah was implicated in that affair ; and , Husameddin relates , " Molla Fenari grieved greatly that at the end of the investigations , in the year 832 , Mehmed Sah Efendi passed over the bridge of death together with Candarlizade Ibrahim Pasa and the Grand Vezir Haci Ivaz Pasa . "
18 The implication is obviously that over time the proportion of the portfolio devoted to government securities is slowly increasing .
19 Mr Clinton intoned ominously that within minutes of his speech tonight to a joint session of Congress , the ‘ special interests ’ would be out in force .
20 Entirely electronic amplifiers are arranged in banks , so that between eight and sixteen channels of EEG are transmitted to a bank of galvanometers .
21 As UK farm production rose , the economy became nearly self-sufficient in many foodstuffs and a net exporter of others so that between 1958 and 1983 the UK 's net imports of food almost halved in quantity .
22 Zambia became caught in a vicious circle because the mining industry is also heavily dependent on increasingly expensive imports , so that over time , output , investment and productivity fell .
23 Incidentally , Dubhe and Alkaid are moving across the sky in a direction opposite to that of the remaining five stars , so that over a sufficiently long period the Plough will lose its familiar shape .
24 Gradual decreases in pH with time lead to prolonged acidity which interferes with fish reproduction and spawning , so that over time there is a decrease in fish population and a shift to a smaller number of more tolerant older and larger fish .
25 These were men unmarked by battle who screamed indistinguishable news as they rode , so that over the river and through the trees you could glimpse the turning masks of grinning enemy faces , while on this side of the river the King put up his hand and Tuathal and his men came to a halt .
26 We decided to draw our internal auditors from operational staff across the board so that over a few years everyone would have the opportunity to be an auditor as well as being audited themselves .
27 The old process of commuting death sentences also remained in effect , and the result of these arrangements was that about half of all eighteenth-century felons were transported , so that about 30,000 were sent to North America in the next 60 years .
28 First , there has been a large increase in owner-occupation so that about three-quarters of farmland is now farmed by its owners ( see figure 7.4 ) .
29 With care , about 12 harmonics may be obtained so that about an order of magnitude of frequency range is available .
30 The scents are possibly modified to pheromones in mating , for bees carrying scent apparently attract other males , so that about five display together whereupon the female chooses her mate .
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