Example sentences of "[pron] will [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I will , I will second you that we
2 So Chair , I will second these resolut , the the amendment .
3 There are not many athletes with whom I will warm-up , but Ben is one of them .
4 I will asterisk those which I believe are s the simple raw data that Paul referred to , and the remainder are the
5 Erm yes I will I will chairman just very briefly .
6 ‘ Well , I will adventure , ’ said the little tailor , ‘ though I have great fear of the dark places under the earth , where there is no light of day and what is above is dense and heavy . ’
7 ‘ Indeed I will sir , thank you sir .
8 I will dad , it 's upstairs .
9 I will rail against its present problems and I will certainly fight for its future .
10 Of course I will Lord Mayor .
11 James bowed ironically and offered them the document ; Alexander Menzies pretended to think about it for a full five minutes and signed it with extraordinary flourishes that made the pen splutter and seemed to say , ‘ Very well , I will humour your ridiculous ritual . ’
12 I will Bert , and thanks again , ’ came the reply .
13 I occasionally use a quiver-tip on stillwaters , but it is an indicator I find most valuable on rivers , except at those times when the fish are being very finicky , when I will touch-leger .
14 Perhaps I will post occasionally to the list to keep you all informed .
15 I will post to whole group again when I have something definite to say .
16 And so er friends of ours , he 's got muscular dystrophy and he 's sort of in the same sort of and so we we 'll have a decrepit contingent , he and I will sort of and the two girls who are relatively young and healthy will go charging around and taking photographs and doing the tourist thing .
17 Me , I will Debbie
18 I will Sid , and thank you . ’
19 I will sweetheart
20 I will hand myself in as soon as they free Boler or I am required to give evidence at Boler 's appeal .
21 I will hand on that gene complete to half my offspring , because all my offspring will get half my genes .
22 Before we seek authorisation for the production phase , it will be necessary for each nation to restate or modify it 's planned off take and that will be done very firmly on the basis of the studies which er Group Captain Granville White has already d described which will factor in er against our military tasks , which is , y you know we define now fairly clearly , er exactly what aircraft are needed to undertake those tasks in what scenarios and in the future er as you say , there may well be scope for er adding additional aircraft types to that .
23 His people will share the vision and strive for it too , creating their own personal vision of what is required , a personal vision which will mesh in with that of the Profitboss and the overall company .
24 In part this is due to a desire to avoid a rigidly causal account which will straitjacket capitalist societies into a single position , not allowing for their diversity and variation .
25 Here is a diesel-engine car which will out-gun many of its petrol-engine rivals .
26 The big prize looks sure to be decided by a special scoring table which will gauge which man performs best on the night at Crystal Palace and Christie insisted : ‘ Colin 's got a very good chance I reckon only Zelezny and Morceli will challenge him . ’
27 We will then provide an estimate and advise you how to increase your protection by fitting the latest in high sensitivity circuit breakers which will trip automatically providing you with increased protection against shock and fire .
28 In making this conversion , the software will attempt an intelligent error analysis of the prepared data and will produce an error file which will flag all errors to enable an editor familiar with the program to make the necessary adjustments .
29 There are also all manner of other plans involving not just pan-Scottish events to allow a wider constituency to respond to the implications of the democracy march , but initiatives which will flag up Scottish concerns across the European parliamentary scene .
30 LIFESPAN will also create files in this directory for its own use — each LIFESPAN Process writes a command file here which will route users to the correct process when they wish to use LIFESPAN .
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