Example sentences of "[pron] at the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Neither do I at the moment , ’ Ian admitted .
2 I , I mean , I at the moment I 'm not doing anything about Neil 's training because we 've got coming and it 's it 's too soon to start stirring up the bud again .
3 So in everything that we do and staying spiritually awake , we have to do something , it all comes back to you and I at the end of the day , no one else can do it for us we sometimes think well , well , so and so can help , I mean this is true to a degree , but at the end of the day it all comes back to us does n't it ?
4 Was I at the ?
5 erm I 've arranged for an independent assessor to view this vehicle , and the view of that independent assessor is this is a straightforward claim against the insurance company , and I at the moment am pursuing that , so it 's a little bit of a conflict of interest that one , but that does give you some background on that particular case .
6 Someone at the bell — why did his factor and nephew Robert not go out and stop them ?
7 The cases came in a rush , in part because social services started referring a backlog of children because there was someone at the hospital prepared to diagnose , she says , and because Dr Wyatt started asking whether sexual abuse might be the problem in cases which had failed to respond to previous treatment .
8 ‘ Oh , piss off , ’ shouted someone at the other end of the hut , as a boot bounced off the door just as the Sergeant made his exit .
9 In 1936 it looked as if the game had finally made a breakthrough when a national competition , involving teams from Gorky , Minsk , Baku and Moscow , was organised ; but someone at the Kremlin decreed that rugby was a capitalist pastime , and the game sank into oblivion once again .
10 Just when they were about to ask Brussels to impose the fruits of their labour as the official standard for European direct-broadcast satellites , someone at the French foreign ministry leaked a report which argues that their technology , called D2 MAC , is already out of date .
11 At a Local Government conference , someone at the venue had put up the mikes but had not checked to make sure they were fixed properly , so they were slowly drooping !
12 Bad when we meet someone at the station , but unbearable when we are seeing them off ; not present when we are departing ourselves , but unbearable when arriving in London , if only from a day in Brighton . ’
13 Did he not go and shoot someone at the clay-pigeon shooting in Ardallt two months ago !
14 ‘ All clear , Charles ? ’ shouted the man at the head of the queue to someone at the door .
15 There 's someone at the door — see who it is .
16 There 's someone at the door — if it 's Mrs Brown , say I 'm out .
17 There 's someone at the door — it 's probably the gas man .
18 Recording a verdict of suicide , coroner David Morris said : ‘ It is easy enough to criticise the bank as a body — there is always someone at the sharp end .
19 As he later admitted in an interview with CA Magazine , ‘ I said to someone at the time , I never again want to conduct a debate lasting three years without once being able to raise my voice ’ .
20 Only one in ten said that it had been suggested to them by a salesman , agent or someone at the shop ; about three-quarters said instead that they personally had thought of it , and most of the rest that it had been suggested by their wife or husband .
21 If someone at the back of the party slips , the load is transmitted straight through to the leader rather than pulling direct on the intermediate members .
22 Now that I 'm famous , whenever I speak to my family , all they want is a signed photo for Enid or Ethel or someone at the office .
23 The fact that they have been asked to continue until the next World Cup makes good common sense and I hope it is a sign that at long last someone at the top is finally making the right decisions .
24 Someone at the back yes .
25 No , I have n't done anything recently , but today I actually rang publishing one of the papers about Sabri 's release and spoke to a guy at the Herald and Post and someone at The Observer , said I hope you put something in this week .
26 Someone at the back shouted ‘ Vive la France ’ and there was a round of ironic applause .
27 Someone at the Chiswick meeting had asked him a question after his speech .
28 We always said that someone at the office called Jenkins had taken me to the local wine bar after work and we 'd run into some old girlfriend of his and Gillian who knew this girl vaguely was with her and we sort of got on immediately and made another date .
29 actually we , mm , at some length and had a few ideas , erm I 've got an appointment with someone at the Arts Council in a couple of weeks that the Arts Council 's got a new fund called erm consultants in research and I thought I 'd make a bid to see if we can get someone
30 At least there was someone at the end of a line who knew me .
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