Example sentences of "[pron] at [art] " in BNC.

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1 I at no time , erm until after the incident , knew that .
2 ‘ Neither do I at the moment , ’ Ian admitted .
3 I , I mean , I at the moment I 'm not doing anything about Neil 's training because we 've got coming and it 's it 's too soon to start stirring up the bud again .
4 So in everything that we do and staying spiritually awake , we have to do something , it all comes back to you and I at the end of the day , no one else can do it for us we sometimes think well , well , so and so can help , I mean this is true to a degree , but at the end of the day it all comes back to us does n't it ?
5 Was I at the ?
6 erm I 've arranged for an independent assessor to view this vehicle , and the view of that independent assessor is this is a straightforward claim against the insurance company , and I at the moment am pursuing that , so it 's a little bit of a conflict of interest that one , but that does give you some background on that particular case .
7 More seriously , his understated , meditative style is lost : the impression is that his timing is fine , the audience 's is all wrong : ‘ I was talking to someone at a party the other night … he happened to mention that he was reading Virginia Woolf 's letters .
8 ( He is put off by the sight of Wayne , who is pogoing furiously behind his keyboards , like someone at a Members gig in 1978 ) Erm , excuse me , but what do you think you 're doing ?
9 In the words of a single 19-year-old trainee pilot : ‘ In an ideal world you 'd be able to meet someone at a bus-stop , go for a drink , take them home and bonk their brains out — and then go home to your girlfriend for dinner . ’
10 I was convinced that the law would back us , so I found someone at a local law centre and she confirmed it , so we went back .
11 They had photographed her sitting on a kitchen stool in a white passage , with her back against a long stretch of wall , like someone at a dance .
12 Carrying on with someone at a finishing school . ’
13 The time for someone on a star will be different from that for someone at a distance , because of the gravitational field of the star .
14 Someone claimed to have heard him on the radio from Darwin — but it was always someone at a third hand remove ; someone who had heard it from someone who had heard it from someone .
15 ‘ A woman in the next neighbourhood has one of those coils inside her , ’ said someone at a village meeting called by family planning workers in Bangladesh .
16 Someone at the bell — why did his factor and nephew Robert not go out and stop them ?
17 The cases came in a rush , in part because social services started referring a backlog of children because there was someone at the hospital prepared to diagnose , she says , and because Dr Wyatt started asking whether sexual abuse might be the problem in cases which had failed to respond to previous treatment .
18 ‘ Oh , piss off , ’ shouted someone at the other end of the hut , as a boot bounced off the door just as the Sergeant made his exit .
19 In 1936 it looked as if the game had finally made a breakthrough when a national competition , involving teams from Gorky , Minsk , Baku and Moscow , was organised ; but someone at the Kremlin decreed that rugby was a capitalist pastime , and the game sank into oblivion once again .
20 Just when they were about to ask Brussels to impose the fruits of their labour as the official standard for European direct-broadcast satellites , someone at the French foreign ministry leaked a report which argues that their technology , called D2 MAC , is already out of date .
21 At a Local Government conference , someone at the venue had put up the mikes but had not checked to make sure they were fixed properly , so they were slowly drooping !
22 Bad when we meet someone at the station , but unbearable when we are seeing them off ; not present when we are departing ourselves , but unbearable when arriving in London , if only from a day in Brighton . ’
23 Did he not go and shoot someone at the clay-pigeon shooting in Ardallt two months ago !
24 ‘ All clear , Charles ? ’ shouted the man at the head of the queue to someone at the door .
25 There 's someone at the door — see who it is .
26 There 's someone at the door — if it 's Mrs Brown , say I 'm out .
27 There 's someone at the door — it 's probably the gas man .
28 Recording a verdict of suicide , coroner David Morris said : ‘ It is easy enough to criticise the bank as a body — there is always someone at the sharp end .
29 As he later admitted in an interview with CA Magazine , ‘ I said to someone at the time , I never again want to conduct a debate lasting three years without once being able to raise my voice ’ .
30 Only one in ten said that it had been suggested to them by a salesman , agent or someone at the shop ; about three-quarters said instead that they personally had thought of it , and most of the rest that it had been suggested by their wife or husband .
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