Example sentences of "[pron] the same " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It 's nothing the same , ’ Rab said .
2 She accepted it as a convenience , like an improved system of telephones ; she did not dedicate herself to it as the expression of a moral idea of comradeship and equality , the avowal of which could leave nothing the same .
3 Nothing the same .
4 This was nothing the same .
5 And my elder brother , he had told me the same thing — ‘ Babi , you are not listening to us so we are not responsible for anything . ’
6 I wish there was still something to look at which gave me the same feeling .
7 I might have returned to match fishing , which never gave me the same enjoyment , even when I won , that a big fish always does , and , I hope , always will .
8 That gave me the same charge as I remembered when I was a little kid and could memorise every record I had , who the publishing company was , how long the song was and what label it was on .
9 On the album I make the comment that somebody had asked me the same question and I said , ‘ Yep , my left hand 's doing good , right hand 's doing alright , my mind 's as sharp as a tack .
10 He might be my best friend but he will treat me the same as any other player and will only pick me for a Test if I am bowling well .
11 The former England striker revealed : ‘ The chairman has been telling me the same thing ever since I took over 18 months ago .
12 Apart from this minor eccentricity — and I knew old people often became eccentric — she seemed to me the same as she had always been : vague in practical matters but sharp-witted enough in other ways , and eager to talk about what was happening in the world .
13 It was of course my mother , and she asked me the same questions as my neighbour .
14 Only later , I told the now somewhat quivering Principal , only later , when Rosa had gone , did it come to mind that one or two of the other girls had made of me the same enquiry over the past twelve months .
15 ‘ Or worse still , if he was going to have her killed , it would be a nice tidy thing to give me the same treatment , and Joel too .
16 ‘ But ask me the same question tomorrow and I could give a whole litany of things .
17 Jane , promise me the same . ’
18 That 's west unless we 're off course , in which case it 's night ; the King gave me the same as you , the King gave you the same as me : the King never gave me the letter , the King gave you the letter , we do n't know what 's in the letter ; we take Hamlet to the English King , it depending on when we get there who he is , and we hand over the letter , which may or may not have something in it to keep us going , and if not , we are finished and at a loose end , if they have loose ends .
19 Now you 've given me the same answer for two different inputs , but that 's okay .
20 Now that should give me the same answer as if I do ten take away five so it 's take away a plus five , Yeah ?
21 The Sheriff asked me the same question and I gave him the same answer as I have you . ’
22 His face serious , he pleaded softly , ‘ Ca n't you pay me the same compliment , Hilary ?
23 His work affects me the same way — which is why I bought that painting a few years ago .
24 Unfortunately he 's reactionary enough not to accord me the same freedom ! ’
25 And this Mr he was , he used to c he well he was collec calling f with Mr and he kept calling with me the same so I used to order my bulk in October to come in for Christmas goods .
26 At er well this week you sort of look back and say yeah but erm in about ten years time if you come and ask me the same question I would be able be in a better position to give you an answer .
27 Now he s he thought he was giving me the same stuff , I did n't know what I was on , all I knew was I felt twice as bad .
28 I 've also had people at forty plus telling me the same thing which is a nonsense .
29 All I know is she looked a lot like me , and gave birth to me the same day as Donna . ’
30 ‘ What I ca n't understand is that Helen told me the same thing .
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