Example sentences of "[pron] the time " in BNC.

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1 Not long ago he was on the phone to me moaning about Paul saying , he wo n't give me the time of day .
2 A young man of shaven pate , E-X-P-L-O-I-T-E-D tattooed on his forehead , approaches me brandishing a splashing can of Carlsberg Special Brew and asking me the time .
3 ‘ Could you tell me the time please ? ’
4 I can imagine a lot of beautiful things that , among their functions , will not tell me the time .
5 People often asked me the time just to hear my voice so they could proclaim my gender to their friends .
6 Once Clive was in the hypnotic state on this occasion , I asked him to visualize going up to someone he knew slightly , taking a few deep breaths and then asking them a simple question — ‘ Could you please tell me the time ? ’ or ‘ Do you know the way to such-and-such a street ? ’
7 If I gave an interview I was the greatest guy in the world but if I said ‘ no , I want some time to myself ’ , they would n't give me the time of day .
8 it 's kind of you all to spare me the time . ’
9 Ward stirred and asked me the time in a voice heavy with sleep .
10 If you 'd known at the beginning that I knew your parents you would n't have even given me the time of day .
11 Give me the time of your flight and I will arrange everything else . ’
12 Consider , for example : ( I ) A : Can you tell me the time ?
13 B : Well , the milkman has come All that we can reasonably expect a semantic theory to tell us about this minimal exchange is that there is at least one reading that we might paraphrase as follows : ( 2 ) A : Do you have the ability to tell me the time ?
14 B : [ pragmatically interpreted particle ] the milkman came at some time prior to the time of speaking Yet it is clear to native speakers that what would ordinarily be communicated by such an exchange involves considerably more , along the lines of the italicized material in ( 3 ) : ( 3 ) A : Do you have the ability to tell me the time of the present moment , as standardly indicated on a watch , and if so please do so tell me B : No I do n't know the exact time of the present moment , but I can provide some information from which you may be able to deduce the approximate time , namely the milkman has come ( see R. Lakoff , 1973a ; Smith & Wilson , 1979 : 172ff for a discussion of such examples ) .
15 Hence : ( 27 ) Pass the salt +> pass the salt now Or reconsider example ( i ) repeated here : ( 28 ) A : Can you tell me the time ?
16 Sit down and give me the time I need to explain everything to you ? ’
17 The cause is complete now , I need no more to show me the time is on me .
18 Ask me the time I was up at ?
19 You give them the time of day .
20 He came into the room with a broad grin on his face and could hardly wait to tell me that not only had he managed to approach several people at work and ask them questions , but that he had decided to put himself to the test over the last few days and had , in fact , gone up to complete strangers in the street to ask them the time .
21 I would n't give them the time of day . ’
22 For them the time must have flown by , but for me it seemed as if I 'd been standing out there all morning !
23 Roses need looking after , and it is no good at all planting a collection , or any number of them , if you are not going to be able to give them the time and attention they need .
24 That might be enough for Leicester might just give them the time .
25 Ask them the time and they will invariably say something like , ‘ … it 's 4.41 ’ .
26 And the before nine guarantees , just give them the time factor again .
27 She gave everyone the time and space they needed , all of creation was welcome to the oasis of her home .
28 I the time on the , think what they 're saying was trying to act .
29 Granting ourselves the time to speculate and dream of a world to come gives us a chance to prepare for and adapt to a future way of life .
30 There are of course exceptions to the rule : you can ask someone the time , or for directions ; you can expect to attract comment if your behaviour is somehow deviant , for example you are hopping down the street dressed in a clown suit .
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