Example sentences of "[verb] the time " in BNC.

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1 This research project investigates the suggestion that such spatial rehearsal is primarily motor in nature and that factors which influence the time to rehearse an item will also affect memory span .
2 A forty-year madness , he had called it , one which had laid waste the best years of her young life ; yet he was back in the thick of his obsession now , and so elated by his own recent progress that he lacked the time to ask about her own .
3 We felt it was important that smokers limited the time they spend away from their desks .
4 She gave a quick glance at her watch , put on an hour on the ferry to accommodate the time change , and saw that it had gone six , and that , apart for a stop for petrol and a brief stop in Aachen for a cup of coffee , she had been driving more or less continuously since just after nine that morning .
5 She felt he was looking at her professionally now : a woman who had only had two cups of coffee for breakfast , who had not gone shopping or taken herself out to lunch as she had planned , who , in the old days , never seemed to waste a minute , who never laid down in the middle of the day and yet was now stretched out on the bed , inert , apathetic , openly admitting that she had n't realised the time .
6 If he met anyone he could say , with perfect truthfulness , that he had been absorbed in correcting students ' essays and had not realised the time until it was after five o'clock ?
7 Howell has taken up a job in Aberdeen and feels he may no longer be able to spare the time to travel back to Edinburgh each weekend .
8 The top reporters may not be able to spare the time and you could end up with the story being written by someone rather less familiar with the subject , whereas a quick telephone call or fax could mean that the story gets to the person you want .
9 Why Brunel should have agreed to spare the time to become involved with the competition is not clear , except that his brother-in-law and close friend was Sir Benjamin Hawes , who had framed the War Department 's accommodation schedule .
10 ‘ Thank you , Charlie , ’ Hari said , ‘ there 's good of you to spare the time to come to help us out . ’
11 But if you are prepared to spare the time , settle down in an armchair and explore among the oldies in a good descriptive catalogue like David Austin 's Handbook of Roses ( see Bibliography ) , who knows what nuggets of gold you might find to fit into your garden ?
12 Er that help is , there are fewer to draw from , i it 's also far more difficult for them to spare the time , the pressures on the academics are considerable nowadays .
13 Maybe he wo n't be able to spare the time .
14 I hope that you will be able to spare the time to complete this form .
15 Neil , bring cup of tea in here and we 'll talk about it and I did n't really want to spare the time because you could imagine that I wanted to get ready to come away but I I made myself sit and really give him time
16 In addition , reversal experiments can be done , allowing the time course of the effects of the manipulation to be observed .
17 The clock face is painted white and so stands out clearly from quite a distance , allowing the time to be easily read .
18 I decided that the best thing to do was to leave the porch just in case anyone came along , and to kill the time I needed to kill somewhere else .
19 I would love to hear from you again , if you can spare the time .
20 Mr Foggerty was agreeably surprised , but when Nutty reminded him of the standard required , he relapsed into grim gloom and stood on the side of the bath in his white T-shirt and jeans looking at his watch and saying , ‘ I ca n't spare the time to do this three nights a week for the next year , which is what is required .
21 Perhaps we 'll have some tennis , if old Rodge here can spare the time from his blessed cows . ’
22 Every type of food is readily available and preparation and cooking have never been easier ; and if he can not spare the time , convenience foods reduce the time required for shopping and preparation to the bare minimum .
23 Can you spare the time ?
24 Anyway , they have not really the transport for a journey as far as this and in any case , they could not spare the time from work . ’
25 If you can spare the time to sprinkle out ½ ounce ( 14g ) every week , that is even more gradual .
26 I wo n't do defended cases because I ca n't spare the time , not because I do n't feel competent .
27 In typical style Shaheen had commissioned the QE2 to take a large party of people to the opening and offered me a cabin on her , but as I could not spare the time and was not sure that I would be entirely at home with my fellow passengers , I flew over in response to his invitation .
28 There are two dangers to be avoided , if you can avoid them , in the choice of chambers : reading with someone who is too busy , who can not spare the time to give you instruction , except possibly over a snack lunch , and reading with someone who has not enough work to give you proper experience .
29 She came when it suited her , when she could spare the time from her other work , but she always popped in on Monday afternoons to make a start on the ironing .
30 ‘ Kindly adjust the temperature , Mr Peckham , before it boils away , and then be so good as to ask Mr Pegg if he can spare the time to rejoin us . ’
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