Example sentences of "[verb] just been " in BNC.

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1 Age Concern England 's briefing paper , Pensioner organisations in England , has just been revised .
2 The sentences must have a rise and full , an ability to flow onwards with pauses for breath , like full stops , or a moment 's silence for the onlookers to assess what has just been stated and to understand its purpose and place in the design before the dance continues .
3 My youngest girl has just been operated on and I could n't believe she only had two stitches .
4 Inside the man-made cavern , located 100ft up the side of a cliff , an archaeological survey team found a hastily-written message recording that ‘ Joezer ( the priest ) has just been killed ( or wounded ) .
5 Her latest book The Truth about Lorin Jones ( Abacus , £3.99 ) has just been published in paperback .
6 She invites me into the living room , pours me a coffee , sits down beside me , slips her shoes off and groans about the working day she has just been through .
7 A new document concerning the future of open spaces in London has just been published .
8 CBS Records were inside holding their annual international conference , and Elvis stood in the street performing a selection of his songs using a small portable amplifier , just as his debut single ‘ Less Than Zero ’ has just been released .
9 Papillon has just been recaptured for the fourth time .
10 The usefulness of gentle exercise in the morning to help warm us up has just been mentioned .
11 They develop a weak sleep/wake rhythm in the absence of external time cues , the implication of which has just been discussed .
12 Llangoed Castle , in Wales , which the owner had been determined to demolish , has just been transformed into a hotel by Sir Bernard Ashley , husband of Laura .
13 He is Richard Holmes , biographer also of Shelley , whose Coleridge : Early Visions has just been published by Hodder and Stoughton ( £16.95 ) .
14 Ian Richards ' book , How to Use a Computer to Improve Your Business , has just been published by Graham & Trotman ( £8.95 paperback ; £16 hardback ) .
15 Her eleventh novel , Gwendolen , has just been published and she says that for the first time she is writing for her soul .
16 THE Committee for Socialist Democracy , which has just been formed in riot-torn Timisoara , is the first sign of organised and coherent opposition in Romania since President Ceausescu became Communist Party leader almost 25 years ago .
17 A survey * of studies of costs has just been published by the OECD 's general economics division ( which shows how mainstream economists are being drawn into what was once a green ghetto ) .
18 Contraceptives can not be sold freely — Ireland 's Family Planning Association has just been fined in the courts for putting condoms on sale in a Dublin record store — and divorce is illegal .
19 ‘ Yes , thank you , thank you , but my hash has just been settled , ca n't you see ? ’
20 Harry Enfield has just been through a tough day auditioning people for his new BBC comedy series .
21 ‘ Zambia has just been … kidnapped !
22 A horse that has had no exercise all day is less likely to stand still for the farrier than one that has just been ridden ; and a youngster that has never been ridden out on the road before will be considerably more nervous if it goes alone than it would with a companion .
23 One of my bigger irritations is when I have an enormously tight schedule taking me all over the country and I get calls — sometimes on my mobile phone when I 'm stuck in the middle of a field somewhere — insisting that it 's vitally important I attend a meeting that has just been scheduled for three o'clock that afternoon in London , which could easily have been planned at least two weeks earlier .
24 His advertisement for the Hayward Gallery 's Doubletake show has just been vetoed by London Underground .
25 Jarman has just been honoured by Bafta with the Michael Balcon Award for outstanding achievement and Edward II was released on video last month .
26 Robert Saxton 's has just been recorded , William Mathias 's was given its premiere in Manchester in January , and those by Dominic Muldowney and Robin Holloway in Liverpool and Manchester respectively at the end of last month .
27 Southend pumps its sewage into the sea after primary treatment ; the beach at Westcliff has just been called unsuitable for swimming by the Heinz Good Beach Guide .
28 Her musical career continues — she has just been asked to write a song for a new album by Belinda Carlisle .
29 He has just been appointed head of the private office of Jean Glavany , France 's Secretary of State for Technical Education .
30 The '90 has just been bottled and is a huge , thick , brooding but surprisingly velvety mixture of blackberries , molasses , Pontefract cakes and garrigue herb flavours ( available in May , £11.24 ; Adnams ( 0502 724222 ) has the '88 at £11.25 ; Vintage Roots the '88/'89 at £11.65 ) .
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