Example sentences of "[verb] were for " in BNC.

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1 The two items in the struggle for the liberty of the Church to which Anselm was committed were for him not negotiable either by himself or the successor of the pope who had declared lay investiture and clerical homage to be irreconcilable with the law of the Church .
2 What the advancing Germans occupied were for the most part clusters of shell-holes , where isolated groups of men lived and slept and died defending their ‘ position ’ with grenade and pick-helve .
3 Those whom they encountered were for the most part leading precarious lives ; they lacked the leisure , the mental energy , even the vocabulary , for speculation about the great issues of heaven and hell , death and judgement .
4 All the phone calls they received were for him , and Gina never had any mail .
5 Two-thirds of all reservations received were for new books .
6 While everyone agreed the changes in living standards since the film was made were for the better , there was some nostalgia for farming as it was when they were young .
7 He had demanded exorbitant fees for his speaking engagements and billed the Socialist Labor Party for theatre tickets and corsages which he claimed were for Eleanor .
8 The time-consuming tasks of keeping families clean and fed were for the most part carried out with wholly inadequate equipment in depressing surroundings .
9 No informants provided any information about proportions of students taking up optional courses : the only student numbers provided were for compulsory courses , and not all of these gave their numbers .
10 His particular predilections when he started were for the young artists of his won age who were beginning to reject the immediate traditions of their predecessors and experiment with new formulas of expression and technique in the 1940s and 1950s .
11 The turnout was reported to be 99.78 per cent of the electorate ; 100 per cent of total votes cast were for the successful candidates .
12 It might seem that so artificial a superiority was certain to prove as transient as the hegemonies that it had replaced , although those in whose hands power lay were for the most part undaunted by the new challenges to Britain 's position that they sensed …
13 There is no doubt that many of its customers have used loans in cases where they would previously have use ( more costly ) HP a 1977 survey showed that 59 per cent of the loans it made were for motor vehicle purchase .
14 Hari sighed and returned to her task , the shoes she was making were for Emily Grenfell .
15 The four posts that were advertised were for planning activities for disadvantaged groups , for communications , for any idea that would ‘ assist in the development of McGregor Community College ’ and for home/school work .
16 The things I wrote were for you .
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