Example sentences of "[verb] are for " in BNC.

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1 The amounts given are for a tank :
2 It should be stressed that the figures given are for manufactures only and do not include exports of primary products or raw materials .
3 In general this is all that you need to complete most documents , the only extra frames you 'll need are for images .
4 The holes drilled are for light weight — and they are just that .
5 Unless otherwise specified , the futures contracts reported are for the USA .
6 Few of the learned tomes that have been written are for the domestic consumer and contain few , if any , recipes to lighten the technical detail .
7 Orders commonly sought are for the delivery of pleadings and particulars , and for discovery , and , as may be appropriate , for the following : ( 1 ) Amendment of pleadings and change of parties where leave is necessary .
8 The charities which benefit are for men and women .
9 The funds they receive are for specific services — hence the term ‘ fund accounting ’ .
10 The descriptions of them in the books we read are for the most part as unlike the truth as are the descriptions of aristocratic life in the books they read .
11 So what you 're really saying is that the computers of the kind you 're describing are for the ordinary person .
12 Nevertheless the rough tone , irregular rhythms and ‘ dirty ’ intonation that most blues singers would have used are for the most part conspicuously absent in Elvis 's performance ; his tone is full , rich and well produced , his intonation is precise , stable and ‘ correct ’ , the notes are sustained and held right through , and the phrasing is legato .
13 The percentages shown are for all Cambridge University/WEA Tutorial Classes which included some arranged beyond the Eastern District , e.g. Nuneaton and Rugby .
14 The data points shown are for QDOT ( , ref. 6 ; ○ , refs 2 , 3 ) , the bulk-flow field ( i ) and the power spectrum extrapolated from the COBE quadrupole measurement , assuming a scale-invariant spectrum ( ○ ) , with 1 error bars .
15 Prices shown are for double rooms .
16 I mean if you speak three different languages you could use three different words to put the same sort of thought of a picture dog , chien , hound there 's probably an Italian and a and that but if you speak the languages then different words different codes if you like are for the same idea .
17 Lot of the calls we get are for like Jackie or Coldwell , they 're not based here
18 The territories that they inhabit are for the most part inhospitable , with some of the world 's highest mountains and large expanses of desert ; and levels of literacy have traditionally been low ( some of the nationalities concerned had no written language at all at the time of their incorporation into the USSR ) .
19 In anticipation of receiving your contract within the next few days , I am requesting a copy of the tape according to your specifications , which I understand are for UNIX on Sun/4 at 6250 bpi .
20 The punchcards in the basic packs which are marked for colour changing are for manual yarn changing , where it is the pattern that is intended to change ; so these wo n't work with the colour changer either .
21 Curved lasts are for speed , straight ones for stability .
22 Besides being ‘ colourful ’ they advertise records which I presume are for sale in Liverpool shops and various events such as the wonderful ‘ Festival of Comedy ’ .
23 However , all the speed thresholds mentioned are for guidance only .
24 The figures quoted are for a mix of wastes requiring incineration .
25 The following benefits quoted are for Cashguard Plus .
26 The rates quoted are for a single person in 1989/90 .
27 The prices quoted are for May and June 1992 .
28 Our pricing system means rates quoted are for two sharing a cabin but when three travel together considerable savings are available .
29 ‘ Although the records a general practitioner makes are for his own personal use , we accept this opening .
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