Example sentences of "[verb] are [prep] " in BNC.

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1 But some of them they do put on I do n't think are worth putting on at all !
2 But then I , I , it 's unfortunate that you had your first I mean someone who had no experience of headmastership , head , head teachers , I mean all the head teachers I should think are in financial problems this year cos it 's really there first full year
3 Organizing , managing and administering are about controlling and co-ordinating the diverse contributions needed for the attainment of some collective goal .
4 ‘ The last two groups to perform are from Donegal and Leitrim .
5 I think Americans and Russians find it strange that we are 100% funded by government and over 50% of the cases we bring are against government departments .
6 The instructions provide a generative programme , the folding and unfolding are like the contractions and changes in contact in cell sheets in the embryo .
7 The advantage of this argument is that it allows one to define literature 's relation to reality in a much more positive and coherent way : both literature and the reality which it represents are of the same order and , according to Bakhtin , this order is ideological .
8 But new questions about the relations of language and what language represents are of great importance to our understanding of Renaissance culture .
9 Nearly half of those registered are in the jobs market for the first time .
10 The first items that I wish to acknowledge are from Mr Norman Wheeler of Stokesay .
11 The seller should of course resist such warranties because of their vagueness , and insist that , if he is to give such a warranty , the purpose should be clearly specified in the contract , with sufficient detail to enable him to be sure that the goods that he supplies are in fact suitable for that purpose .
12 Devises are of two kinds only , specific and residuary .
13 The kind of songs I sit there and enjoy singing are like ‘ Eternal Flame ’ , songs that have rich melodies . ’
14 The scientific and engineering skills which we have developed are at the cutting edge of nuclear technology , and through subsequent diversification , are improving the competitive position of customers in over 70 countries and more than 2000 organisations worldwide .
15 Because the calories consumed are in the form of particularly bulky , filling and satisfying food your appetite will not be sharpened nor your willpower lowered by actual physical hunger .
16 The programmes undertaken are of two main types , the one country-specific , the other regional in emphasis .
17 ( i ) shares of an existing class already listed are to be issued which would increase the issued shares of that class by 10 per cent or more , or ( ii ) securities of a new class are to be offered as consideration which are to be listed , or ( iii ) debt securities of any amount are to be offered as consideration which are to be listed .
18 Three of the people listed are in Exeter .
19 Tagalog concepts are directly relevant to the present discussion because the Buid with whom I lived are in daily contact with Tagalog speaking immigrants from neighbouring islands .
20 Mutations that affect corepressor binding are of two types .
21 Its pleasingness rests purely within the intrinsic aesthetic since the similarities intended are of a purely visual nature .
22 It was built in 876 , and those ancient parts of the church that remain are among the few fragments from that time that still exist , not only in Milan , but also in Lombardy .
23 Notes that you can consult are of great value , but much of the fundamental interpretation of your subjects must be based on an effective memory when notes are not to hand .
24 that er , we applied for test of proportionality , the minimum necessary , my Lord this is a , your Lordship 's focus on admission rules which of course different to what we 're concerned with here , admission to the market , erm , and it , it is the minimum necessary to ensure that all those who should be in the market and are capable of competing are in the market .
25 The amounts given are for a tank :
26 It should be stressed that the figures given are for manufactures only and do not include exports of primary products or raw materials .
27 The gestures they make are at one with their interesting footwork .
28 All the samples you make are of use to you .
29 The perceptual distinctions we make are of the very stuff of our existence , and in some way the foundation of all else .
30 If we accept that we can not prevent science and technology from changing our world , we can at least try to ensure that the changes they make are in the right directions .
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