Example sentences of "[verb] be on " in BNC.

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1 erm , you know , with preparation beforehand I would normally have , have realized that , and anything else would 've been on top of it .
2 Oh that 's not so bad you see I 've been on holiday all last week
3 there has been hardly any research on the police compared with the large output of critical scholarship on industry , commerce , the civil service , the health service and education … what little direct research there has been on the police has scarcely begun to ask such fundamental questions as what is the police force and what is it doing .
4 The rest has been on average just over one gramme .
5 Problems with short weights are being tackled and if fish has been on the market overnight , the person buying it is aware .
6 ‘ There is a need for fish that has been on the market a couple of days .
7 Opinion , certainly overt opinion , has been on the side of the university disorder .
8 University opinion has been on the side of it , and public opinion has been on the side of it .
9 University opinion has been on the side of it , and public opinion has been on the side of it .
10 This central point in Marx 's and Engels 's work has been on the whole supported by later anthropological work .
11 Since Ptolemy tried to solve this problem in the second century , it has been on the agenda of theorists of perception and is still , I understand , not fully resolved .
12 There are those who would tell you that BMW 's reputation for first-class finish has been on thin ice for some time but , until now , we 've seen little evidence to substantiate the claim .
13 ‘ Reparations has been on the agenda for almost every generation of black Americans , ’ said Mr Walter Fauntroy , the District of Columbia 's representative in Congress .
14 Beyond the fringe Nicky Mason , who has been on the fringes of England 's best men 's team for 30 years , showed during England 's outstanding 5-1 victory that he can still …
15 The midwife said to me , ‘ This child has been on this earth before ’ and I thought that was rather an odd thing to say , but the midwife seemed quite adamant .
16 While human evolution has oriented around the use of hand and eye , and developed down a highly visual and linear path , the dolphin mind has been on a very different track — acoustic , non-linear and non-manipulative .
17 Mr Harris has been on California 's death row for 11 years and has appealed under habeas corpus eight times .
18 Though its timing caught out the markets , the krona/ecu link has been on the cards for some months .
19 Philadelphia has been on the brink of going bust for months .
20 It is nevertheless significant that , however much anti-German growling there has been on Capitol Hill since the invasion of Kuwait , little has been heard within the administration .
21 Second , the lion 's share of increased welfare spending since the 1960s has been on programmes most people approve of : social security ( pensions ) financed by tax on earnings , and medical insurance for old people ( Medicare ) .
22 Certainly some , like British Telecommunications , gas , electricity and water , produced spectacular financial results , but the lasting impact has been on the businesses themselves .
23 The former pairing has been on the cards ever since critics fingered Penn as the brat who would be Bob but the latter seems less plausible .
24 Madonna has been on the cover of every major magazine .
25 In twenty-four hours she has been on a whistle-stop tour of three countries .
26 Kenneth Baker , replaced by Chris Patten as Tory chairman , has been on the outside of the campaign .
27 It is thanks to the emigres that in America and Europe ballet has been on the move all century ; in Russia itself , it has been left in a museum .
28 It has been on trial at nine branches and no decision has been made about whether to extend the service .
29 He has been on sick leave for more than three months during which Avon County Council has been inquiring into phone calls said to have been made from his Bristol office to soft-porn ‘ adult ’ 0898 numbers .
30 He much prefers to drive something that has been on the market for two or three years , reasoning that most of the initial problems should have been ironed out .
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