Example sentences of "[verb] be of " in BNC.

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1 The advantage of this argument is that it allows one to define literature 's relation to reality in a much more positive and coherent way : both literature and the reality which it represents are of the same order and , according to Bakhtin , this order is ideological .
2 But new questions about the relations of language and what language represents are of great importance to our understanding of Renaissance culture .
3 Devises are of two kinds only , specific and residuary .
4 The programmes undertaken are of two main types , the one country-specific , the other regional in emphasis .
5 Mutations that affect corepressor binding are of two types .
6 Its pleasingness rests purely within the intrinsic aesthetic since the similarities intended are of a purely visual nature .
7 Notes that you can consult are of great value , but much of the fundamental interpretation of your subjects must be based on an effective memory when notes are not to hand .
8 All the samples you make are of use to you .
9 The perceptual distinctions we make are of the very stuff of our existence , and in some way the foundation of all else .
10 The battles and skirmishes of middle-class rural boundary disputing are of interest only to their panting protagonists .
11 Can you say what the best things are from your drama school experience and what has been of most value to you during your first year in the profession ?
12 Inevitably , priorities also shifted as a result of civil strife , which has been of fundamental importance to at least twelve of sub-Saharan Africa 's forty-one countries .
13 Locke 's discussion of personal identity , which was added in the second edition of the Essay on the suggestion of Molyneux , has been of lasting interest to philosophers .
14 Quiet and reserved he may have been , but his determination to succeed has been of great importance to his colleagues , both on and off the field .
15 Sampling theory has been of value in various areas of museum work , from assessing the long-term resources required for conservation treatment of the British Museum 's large collection of Babylonian clay tablets , to ensuring that a given ‘ kill rate ’ in insecticides used for paper conservation will provide effective treatment .
16 Although I am anxious to avoid entering into aesthetic theory or acting theory to any large extent it has to be conceded that the topic I have been tackling here , the logical relationship between emotion occurring and emotion described has been of central interest to aestheticians and acting theorists alike .
17 ‘ This knowledge has been of great use .
18 Mary says now : ‘ Accessing my past lives has been of great benefit and I 'm sure that if I 'd gone to an ordinary therapist , nothing would have been sorted out . ’
19 I mean , Diana herself has never in her lifetime uttered one statement that has been of any use to any member of the human race . ’
20 Even in countries where housing standards have improved immeasurably , and the promotion of safety in the home has been of long-standing concern , the problem of accidents is one of some magnitude .
21 Again the design of the sea-lion enclosure has been of great help in the management of these attractive marine mammals .
22 In some areas of the Southern North Sea Basin it is evident that post-inversion subsidence ( essentially Tertiary to Recent ) has been of sufficient magnitude to subject previously matured Carboniferous sediments to the depth/temperature regime to which they were originally exposed .
23 The standard model of local government since the war has been of multi-functional authorities with an elected council supervising the direct provision of services .
24 The Department of Employment in their Partnership Handbook publication , recommend and increase in the numbers of teachers undertaking secondment into industry as a key performance indicator of partnership activity , as it has been of the TVEI extension programme .
25 It is only the most recent work that has been of an acceptable standard in this respect , and the finding may be summarised as showing a modest correlation between the level of lead in the blood and hyperactivity in children , and between high blood levels and low intelligence , with the latter conclusion more firmly established .
26 I am a family man , and mine has been of great help to me .
27 Over recent years , the parish has been of great interest archaeologically and excavations have revealed signs of occupation from neolithic man to the Middle Ages .
28 Until now , Mr Major 's biggest fear has been of revenge attacks on the 2,400 British troops .
29 A great deal of diversification has been of a conglomerate , ‘ unrelated ’ nature , but it seems hard to find any justification for unrelated diversification .
30 Sir , — It has been of great interest for me to read of small company audits in recent issues , and especially the approaches of other members .
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