Example sentences of "[verb] be [det] " in BNC.

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1 In terms of a common form of theism , we have suggested that those world religions we have examined are all fundamentally monotheistic — they believe in one God .
2 I 'd be su I would 've been such a wreck last night if that , if Foxy had done that to me .
3 Well I know I know is the only one that realised I would 've been more shocked if had yeah I would have been out on the pavement here whistling with a banjo whistling Dixie there you are that one no not yet no .
4 And the barrel would 've been more or less , well about that in height sir .
5 It could 've been any doctor , and it might not 've been a stethoscope .
6 She didn there would 've been enough change in that and Kath was gon na go straight to the bank and get her some money back , right ?
7 D' you remember I showed you a manuscript — it must 've been some years ago , now — purporting to be by some mariner who remembered an English cargo boat having gone down between us , here at Møn , and Malmo — during the First Schleswig War ?
8 Innominate Crack and Kern Knotts Crack are both 4c , though the first is the harder overall and more suited to the modern climber , being less of a squirm than the other .
9 The millionth customer , the millionth unit produced , the 200 per cent sales performance and a major project completed are all worthy of the Profitboss 's endeavours to achieve publicity for his team .
10 In the male , Trichomonas vaginalis usually affects the urethra and the symptoms that it produces are less than those found with gonococcal or other non-gonococcal causes of urethritis .
11 Attached to this plant and the dye it produces are several beliefs which are especially pertinent to the families of fishermen .
12 I should , however , make it clear that the matters to which I have referred are more than sufficient on their own to justify outright rejection .
13 The ways in which resources are partitioned are many , as , for example , on Barro Colorado Island where there are as many as eight variables of importance in just the food of coexisting ‘ surface-gleaning ’ bats .
14 Other useful transforms are those of differential and integral functions .
15 At 82 , the few people one might wish to see are all dead .
16 The people who make the biggest contribution to profit are those who take a pride in being the best .
17 What the notion is intended to emphasise are those issues to do with the how and the why of sociology 's empirical reference .
18 ( 5 ) Because of the interdependence of process and content , the curriculum developments to be favoured are those which synchronise changes in focus with changes in activities and are responsive to the effects of the interplay between them .
19 Among the sites listed are that of the 1956 crash of a nuclear-armed bomber aircraft at Albuquerque , New Mexico , and the Agriculture Research Center at Beltsville , Maryland , where scientists used radioactive matter to test the effects of fall-out on crops in the 50s and 60s .
20 Also listed are some other places where these services may be provided , or where you can get more information .
21 But I suppose they 're all boys really , I mean are all boys like this really ?
22 I mean er does it bother you at all that well I mean are most of the men managers ?
23 I mean are these noodles or
24 Well , different utilities , different roads are being destroyed , bridges , I mean are these things going on ?
25 The laws given are all congruences in the denotational semantics for occam reported in
26 Weekly cash wages payment is likely to rule out credit cards , bank loans and overdrafts , The forms of credit which it encourages are those involving weekly instalments : mail order , trading checks , tallymen and weekly credit callers .
27 the stall 's not there now , and all the thick one and thins are all alike
28 The only tears which are ever shed are those from actions unwittingly committed which have hurt the beloved .
29 ‘ Where the processes carried on or the machinery installed are such as could be carried on or installed in any residential area without detriment to amenity of that area by reason of noise , vibration , smell , fumes , soot ash , dust or grit ’ .
30 Included are some suggestions for making the best use of the opportunities and for overcoming the problems .
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