Example sentences of "[prep] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 This research proposal is designed to look at how this Inquiry fits into an evolutionary model of the development of the public inquiry as a democratic and political device for analysing information and ensuring that legal interests are safeguarded , what views the various participants have of the Inquiry before , during and after it occurs , and how the Inquiry as a process handles the arguments raised by its terms of reference , from the viewpoints of fairness , fullness , thoroughness and public legitimacy .
2 When young children have to be looked after it reduces the opportunities that parents have to take part in the social round .
3 And if if the soup was cold she 'd complain after it tell everyone how bad it was but she wo n't
4 He just pretends to believe I 'm really after it to add to the stimulation of the game ! ’
5 It is n't a good idea to climb hills after eating at the Naked Man — ideally you should find a quiet corner and sleep it off like a boa constrictor does after it has swallowed a goat or two too many .
6 I accept the need to counter the myth that only a biological mother can adequately care for a child , but to say that in the interests of women 's liberation we will pay anyone except the child 's mother to look after it seems to be going a little far in the opposite direction !
7 A police landrover followed the car to the gates and for about a mile after it turned .
8 Cos it was indigo on Monday as out it go on Saturday , if you were lucky .
9 But out it came , the lunch , the champagne , the money , all the green and folding stuff .
10 Despite it feeling strangely slowed down , the meal went much too quickly .
11 To continue to support the mechanism despite it failing in its obligations to cushion speculation against Sterling .
12 Even if they got to the superleague then were repeatedly humiliated 6 nil I would be happy despite it making them yet more money .
13 The Lotus , now quite a rare model , came into Gordon 's possession in 1981 and he spent thousands of hours restoring it to mint condition , despite it having done an estimated 200,000 miles .
14 Below it flows the Dorn , known to the Saxons as the Milk , from the cloudiness of its water after rain : and one still sees it as the Saxons saw it a thousand years ago , as I saw it a few minutes ago in the thin rain drifting down from the Cotswolds .
15 Far below — almost vertically below it seemed — lay the turbulent bed of the gorge and , all too frequently , the twisted remains of olive-green army lorries .
16 There was a white wooden arrow sign below it pointing to the farmhouse , and that had HQ stencilled on it in Ministry of Defence style .
17 Below it stood the childhood doll 's house she had intended to renovate for posterity and the guitar whose broken strings had halted her on the path to world fame as a singer of gypsy ballads , in a costume of scarlet and yellow sewn with little mirrors .
18 Approached from the road below it appears as a hilltop fort enclosed by ramparts .
19 The card below it shows three ‘ Marjorie Fair ’ roses , a few alchemilla flowers and the leaves and tendrils of some old man 's beard .
20 War on the ground is really a man with a large field with curved corrugated metal huts to keep pigs in to grub all the vegetation off to feed them up to get themselves eaten by other men to help those men to have the energy to work to make the curved corrugated metal huts and grow other food in other fields that gets eaten by another lot of men who leave some of it to feed back to the pigs .
21 This did not in fact happen , but the earlier suggestion of it kept some of the wealthier clients on tap .
22 It was plain to her that her therapist was meticulous , thoughtful and highly trained — it was undeniable — but Scarlet increasingly found all that beside the point because her malaise had not significantly decreased with treatment , and worrying about the cost of it kept her awake at night .
23 Much of it kept for himself and his family .
24 He had a small but good library , much of it kept on shelves on the first landing .
25 Much of it resembled the old Dutch genre paintings that had ‘ a touch of the curious and a moral to be learned ’ . ’
26 Lot of it export .
27 On the first anniversary of that invasion , when thousands of Czechoslovak demonstrators were dispersed on Mr Husak 's orders by the police with military support , he was awarded the Order of Lenin , the highest honour the Russians could give him , and his acceptance of it sealed his fate once and for all Within two years of becoming party leader he purged all but 26 of the central committee members who had been in office before the invasion .
28 The enormity of it rocked her .
29 The thought of it rocked him in his chair .
30 Regular users of it wrap the edges round wooden batons , secured with a few tacks , leaving these to rest on the ground , and rolling it up on the batons when the season is over .
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