Example sentences of "[prep] [conj] it " in BNC.

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1 There is the concern for the physical manifestation of the problem , a place-based concern for where it occurs .
2 For where it has been drawn is everywhere ; from the insistence of Thorndike , and the early behaviourists like Watson and Hull , that all is to be explained , including human behaviour , in terms of conditioned reflexes , to the open-handedness of well-meaning liberationists like Rollin who argue that even worms and sea anemones should be given the benefit of the doubt since we can not be certain that they do not feel pain and therefore have a consciousness ( 1981 : 31 ) .
3 One very small point of procedure is worth noting : at a first glance at this example there appears to be a redundancy of the indication pp , but on closer examination it is seen that it has never been used unnecessarily , for where it appears on the same line of the score in two successive bars the first of the pair of instruments whose parts are written on that line enters alone , and the second joins him in the next bar .
4 About where it is .
5 And Mr Fry was floating out there in the mistiness , and he was busy wallpapering too but he 'd got the paper in a mess — he 'd put the paste on it and picked it up paste side nearest and it was sticking to him .
6 Well if we put the money into sets , lots of ten and the people into lots of ten we could cancel those tens out and it would just come down to five over fifteen .
7 Okay and then as you saw five 'll go into it so we can cancel the fives out and it 's just one over three .
8 So you actually write down questions so much going on you ca n't be expected to remember everything and if you 've got just you know sort of questions written down the page like what is your name , it 's simple as that it gets you to do , what ?
9 As they were about to go inside — for although it was a pleasant summer day , it was always likely to be windy on top , and their hats might blow away — Florrie exclaimed in sudden panic : ‘ Oh , good gracious !
10 It 's got a steel bolt with two steel rollers in there , so that if , even somebody tried to hacksaw their way through that it will just slide along as soon as .
11 In the solid ( below the glass transition or in the crystalline state ) the " spaghetti " is somewhat less able to slide about than it is in the liquid state .
12 To go into details of that it 's probably much more sensible to do it with just two or three people .
13 because of that it 's my ideals .
14 Now in the inside of that it opens out , there 's an opening in the bone and that leads down among other things into a tube down here , now that is connected up further down to the sinuses across
15 I mean to me the boss of of our bench , there was probably twenty people on the bench , to me the boss of that it was n't what you call a particularly good job but she 'd always worked at the and of course when when went on War work er th those that were still there they got the better jobs you see , to organize us that had n't been , worked there before .
16 We used to I know er old Captain he he came down as tubs came onto him and broke his neck and he er er funny part of that it was .
17 So you 'd say that as a b er as a result of that it did it did er so it did When you say it served its purpose , it did improve the image ?
18 And er she just sort of that it happened so quickly .
19 So in the light of that it 's per now is a good opportunity to er , make sure that those reserves and balances were available for A , the er , Police Authority should it require it , but B , to those constituent authorities who had helped in the er , build-up of these reserves .
20 And I I 've got a letter from the Department of the Environment and the Home Office saying that , er and th and because of that it 's taking them this long to actually get these byelaws effected .
21 There are relevant stair er Chairman which you can look out of place at the present moment of time but they will need to be addressed at some point in time in the future and therefore one could be forgiven for wanting to prioritise various but in general terms , the strategy that has been er looked at is the progress of St Albans in general , there may be small elements of it and some of these have already touched upon but in general that is no sound strategy er which over a period of time and in the process of that it will be essential to monitor erm the effect of some of the changes as you go forward to see in fact whether the other elements of strategy that were erm put in to that er work were in fact still necessary and whether they should be have some .
22 If hunting were banned on all of that it would only have a small marginal effect but we can as Mr said only ban hunting on land we both own and control , land in hand , that actually totals a hundred and fifty eight acres , slightly smaller than Victoria Park but that includes road , bridleways , land with no access , S S S Is , Sites of Special Scientific Interest , land awaiting disposal the land capable of being hunted and in hand totals fifty two acres about as much of Victoria Park as I can see from my front window .
23 There has been more expensive consultation with head teachers and the governors than has been possible er before and I hope the result of that it is reflected in the pages that you have in front of you .
24 and I think as a result of that it , it got disjointed and you , and you could n't follow it through .
25 Fourteen ninety nine Out of that it 's all bottles ey or most of them bottles .
26 and by the end of that it 'll be , make me mind up whether it 's what I want
27 Oh I 've never heard of that it must be
28 Because of that it 's a very common peril .
29 And because of that it has got gravitation and fields which is n't as big as the earth , it 's only about one sixth as big as the earth .
30 In spite of that it was probably more comfortable than the home that they 'd left anyway .
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