Example sentences of "[prep] [conj] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 3.6 agrees to co-operate with , and at 's expense to execute any documents and do such other things as may be necessary in the opinion of 's Counsel , to enable to apply for and/or secure any copyright registration that may be necessary for the Work or the Converted Text of the Work .
2 To begin to remedy this emotional block , start to notice when you are looking for praise or recognition , and in doing so , start talking about or bringing to someone else 's notice something you have not done so well .
3 Indeed the political theme for the day should be set at the morning 's press conferences , and local candidates and VIPs fully briefed and able to talk about or answer questions on that topic wherever they may be .
4 Pupils can not think about or develop sensitivity and discernment concerning what they are in deepest ignorance about , even as not to appreciate that there is anything of which they are ignorant is an even greater indication of the degree of deprivation .
5 Be determined not to think about or dwell upon them .
6 The Heath Government appointed a Select Committee on the Corporation Tax and the subsequent Labour Government appointed one on a wealth tax , but both refused a permanent subcommittee on taxation so that there is still no mechanism by which the House of Commons can know about or participate in investigations of taxation problems or possible developments in policy .
7 They were going to the home of opera , to listen to some Verdi , Puccini and Donizetti ; and to see at first hand the fine art and architecture that he had studied and only previously heard about or seen in books .
8 Moreover , you must have heard about or seen the horsemen hiding in the trees .
9 Had n't scattered monogrammed handkerchiefs about or faked alibis or carelessly dropped dated train tickets or shown knowledge he should n't have had .
10 For Satarov there is a need to pass on the ‘ knowledge about or based on the data ’ ( ibid . ) .
11 Slater was silent for a second , gazing disdainfully at Graham 's snapping fingers , then he said tiredly , " Graham , either concentrate on searching for the title of the book you 're talking about or devote your full energies to practising calling for a waiter ; I 'm not convinced you possess the RAM for doing both at the same time . "
12 If you can not accommodate them , stop talking about or expecting cross-selling — it simply can not happen .
13 They respond to affection , being made to feel that they matter and to the opportunity to talk about or work through their past , especially in ways that help to raise their self-esteem .
14 And were you alone in the cart when you were going round about or did you have a boy with you ?
15 It does not matter how silly you may think they are , if it 's something you are unsure about or have wondered why , please let us help .
16 For efficiency and confidentiality , the conference is expected to have a clear set of objectives , and to be restricted to those people directly involved with the child and the family concerned , and those who need to know about or have a contribution to make to the tasks involved .
17 People may shout , mouth words , wave their arms about or feel generally inadequate and give up .
18 For where to get the medicines see the list of useful addresses in Appendix 3 .
19 Certain contracts are excepted and are therefore not cancellable under the Regulations ( even if made during or following an unsolicited visit or an excursion ) , namely any contract :
20 The district or islands council must as necessary appoint other persons to act for or assist the clerk .
21 But if you have to choose one market and you 're producing for or looking to sell to TV , then MIP-TV is probably the better place .
22 Mr Alton — a Catholic and fanatical anti-abortionist — said : ‘ While this policy remains intact I will not be able to fight for or recommend people to vote for the Liberal Democrats . ’
23 He complained that recruitment was being carried out under the banner of a management consultancy service without being accounted for or charged for separately .
24 In giving consent to another 's actions , however , our primary purpose is to authorise those actions and in so doing create for or accord to another a special right to act : the obligation generated on the consentor not to interfere with the exercise of this right takes , in this case , the secondary role .
25 The most natural explanation of why we oppose checkerboard statutes appeals to that ideal : we say that a state that adopts these internal compromises is acting in an unprincipled way , even though no single official who voted for or enforces the compromise has done anything which , judging his individual actions by the ordinary standards of personal morality , he ought not to have done .
26 But you do n't need to apply for or take a Compact job if you do n't want to !
27 starting just past the river and continuing farther than the places I had names for or had ever seen .
28 I can do that , probably a number of other people can do it too , but the vast majority would n't have the remotest idea what to listen for or know how it is done .
29 Without waiting for or expecting a reply , Martha and the reluctant Tilda walked through into the back office .
30 working for or assisting a competitor .
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