Example sentences of "[verb] [is] for " in BNC.

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1 The speed it has is for motorway shunting .
2 ‘ Responsibility is accepted in the preparation of this report for the skill and diligence reasonably to be expected of a competent surveyor and valuer but the information it contains is for the confidential information only of the clients for whom it is prepared and of any building society , bank or other lender to whom written application for a mortgage advance has been made or will be made within 28 days after the date of this report .
3 Because there is this impasse between what the officers wanted to do and what the residents find acceptable the only way I can get this matter resolved is for the council to refer the possible closure to the committee so that the committee can consider all the facts er in the light of the advice of the officers erm and I therefore beg to move this .
4 One possibility being considered is for solar power to be used to pump downstream water back up to the main reservoir , so restoring the head of water needed to generate hydro-electric power .
5 ‘ The only thing I really want is for Alonzo Kettless to carve me an East Suffolk Policeman 's helmet , ’ said Chief Superintendent Rom Rumsby on his retirement .
6 All we want is for things to go back to normal . ’
7 All you want is for things
8 The last thing I want is for the case to be closed .
9 I would n't put it into a company where the profit record was likely to be poor , because the last thing you want is for the share price to be lower than the option exercise price ’ .
10 Do n't you know that all I want is for you to be happy ? ’
11 ‘ All I want is for him to come here , take Jennifer in his arms and face me .
12 And also I think , which is very strong and I think it does come out in , in the Chinese Communist Party , is the lust of power which can be even more dangerous when you convince yourself I 'll do all you lot good but I can make you all members of the Communist Party , whether you want to be or not does n't really matter , you know , it 's gon na be for the good of the country so you fall in with this trap of assuming that you want is for their good so it 's sort of a , a dangerous thing .
13 Now that we do live much longer with better health care generally , what we want is for women to be able to live that last third of their lives in health and being able to enjoy themselves and contribute to the community , not feeling that they 're crippled by pain .
14 ‘ All I want is for you to be happy , Peachcake .
15 When it comes to saving lives or building bridges , the last thing we want is for uninformed and inexperienced students to form their own ideas .
16 Otherwise all we want is for her to have fun , and to enjoy happiness and health . ’
17 But what I really want is for the book to be read and enjoyed by the people who read the other books .
18 ‘ What I really want is for us to reach these people before Moscow does : there 's no argument about who they 'll want to pin it on .
19 We believe that people should have the choice and the choice and the rights that most people want is for their children to be educated in schools without water dripping down the walls , where the ceiling does n't fall in , that does n't rely on temporary classes .
20 What you want is for me to stroke your ego by telling you that he does n't compare to you . ’
21 ‘ All I want is for him to be happy and secure , ’ Vitor assured her , ‘ which he is with you .
22 ‘ What I want is for us to talk long and hard , and now , ’ she declared , and , swivelling on her heel , she marched back into the house .
23 The last thing we want is for someone to pop up unmarked and score a goal .
24 The last thing I want is for them to be used as pawns in political games of chess to suit the personal ambitions of politicians .
25 ‘ All I want is for Scotland to keep winning .
26 Essentially , what she wants is for Berowne to discover what is serious in life , and to stop fooling all the time .
27 All He wants is for you to be truly sorry .
28 I think that what she really wants is for words to be more like numbers .
29 All he wants is for the RAF to make sure it does n't happen again .
30 He says all he wants is for the lies to stop .
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