Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 It is like asking a Jew to apologize for being a Jew . ’
2 I wish to apologize for being mangled .
3 I start to apologize for being held up at work .
4 I was going to apologize for being stupid on Sunday when you both disappeared .
5 However , what many yoga fans will have heard about is the ‘ life-force ’ , especially if they followed Richard Hittleman 's Yoga for Health series on television .
6 I think a lot of the modern maths that we 've , we 've heard about is still very much aimed at the brighter children who were going to do O-level and , and beyond even in mathematics .
7 Those who , like Newman Hall , let Gothic design take over , were criticized for being imitative and for demeaning the sermon .
8 For example , it has been criticized for being unable to deal with problems of unemployment , which continued to rise throughout the 1980s .
9 I can not understand why our pigs were criticized for being too fat because the meat was so sweet and tender , almost like chicken .
10 The pragmatists , and Dewey in particular , have been criticized for being overly optimistic about the power of creative intelligence to reconstruct social institutions through a programme of educational reform .
11 The concept of ‘ instinct ’ can be criticized for being logically circular .
12 Although these characters have been criticized for being too emblematic , they arguably symbolise America 's divided attitude towards the war .
13 In time , the system came to be criticized for being too narrowly focused on land use ( to the exclusion of social planning ) , as well as for being slow and inflexible .
14 More seriously , the proposed authorities were criticized for being too large and too remote .
15 Clearly , the originators of the major schemes can not be criticized for being ignorant of principles which were not recognized when their schemes were initiated .
16 The plan had been criticized for being geared towards extracting the optimum " harvest " from remaining forests , of lacking consideration towards forest peoples and of being slow to meet requests for assistance from developing countries .
17 Latterly , he had been criticized for being more concerned about " restoring dignity to politics " and strengthening Slovenia 's Catholic and conservative traditions than about solving the economic problems resulting from communist rule and independence .
18 They have been criticized for being slow ( a minimum of a 3-week offer is involved ) , cumbersome and expensive .
19 The patchwork quilt of powers and relationships stipulated by the Constitution has been criticized for being neither useful nor relevant in the political environment of the 1970s and 1980s .
20 He got assassinated for being too you know .
21 Solti 's reading veers between being becalmed and frenzied , with little feeling for an overview of the vast score .
22 I mean between being a Spaniard and a Majorcan … ’
23 No pornographer has ever been punished for being a woman-hater. but not too long ago information about female sexuality , contraception and abortion was assumed to be obscene .
24 But I think I knew unconsciously that the supposed crime was twofold : I was being punished for being female and for having grown up .
25 I am being punished for being an invalid and paying my national insurance contributions for 40 years .
26 It is interesting to contrast this with similar descriptions in child abuse in which , for example , a baby is punished for being dirty , the expectations of the parent being quite unrealistic .
27 This summed up the view of many : in previous decades intellectuals were frequently punished for being politically ‘ reactionary ’ , i.e. rightists .
28 ‘ Well , Miss Isabella , ’ she said , ‘ let's see if your angels can stop you being punished for being a lazy , stupid little girl . ’
29 What he applied for was funding for research on ‘ The influence of geometry on social behaviour ’ .
30 A fat lot he even cared about being late for church and she trying to keep up a good style .
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