Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 When they first met for real the fierce , cold , autocratic , heroically self-made man 's beady eye and cockily addressed him as ‘ Washy ’ to his face , well , petrification set in , sometimes terminal .
2 Responding to the resolution , the Prime Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan met for preliminary talks in the Georgian capital , Tbilisi , on March 30 .
3 Campaign financing is encouraged and yet limited through structural features of the American political system .
4 Gastric varices are particularly difficult to diagnose during active bleeding .
5 Rachel 's face glistened in the gloom as she urged herself to her climax — sweat and staring eyes , tongue darting between dry lips , breath panting .
6 Passenger demand forecasting for new rail services
7 It is the second of Billy Roche 's Wexford trilogy plays about small-town life in Wexford , southern Ireland .
8 The young American girls who surprised cynical men-about-town in the Paris of Napoleon III by the freedom with which they were allowed by their parents to go about alone and in the company of young American men are as strong evidence about sexual morals as journalistic exposés of haunts of vice in mid-Victorian London : probably stronger .
9 The best way to go about proper practice is to find yourself a partner of similar standard , who is equally keen to improve , and spend hours sweating and toiling on the practice court .
10 Well I used to go about everyday .
11 Cassock and surplice , a black cassock and white surplice once I told you that my grandmother was once living with us , she used to delight in washing my surplice and ironing it up except me when I was singing in the choir , I did n't take a , the treble solos , that was after the choir used to sister of ours at least oh twenty men , and as many lads and youths the as I say Johnny was in the choir there was er the two brothers and there was Dick was a incense boy and his father was a manager to go in the , he used to have a red cassock and surplice , but he used to Dick 's dad was the incense swinger and they used to go about swinging incense and that , I do n't suppose they do that at all now , but er your first job as a choirboy was to pump the organ it , have you ever been in the church ?
12 Only some large religious or political issue would induce people to take the very considerable step involved in emigration if they had any established position to keep them in England — younger sons , the poor , and those with nothing to lose might easily be more ready to travel , if they could get the financial backing needed , or were willing to go as indentured labourers .
13 ‘ They should select a side for the Tests and then pick for one-day games , ’ Doshi said .
14 This in effect led to a situation where the commercial energy input became about equal to the equivalent energy output of edible grains .
15 This chapter examines a study , where , at the outset , the analysts were not entirely clear what could be achieved by using soft systems analysis , but felt it would provide an overview of the situation , enabling ideas to be formulated about new relationships that would arise from a fundamental change in role .
16 On the other side of the street , beyond a row of lime trees , the broad green slope of Fernhill Park falls away in an amphitheatric curve to the river hidden between steep banks .
17 Gregarious , flocks often hawking for flying insects and spiralling up to perform aerobatics .
18 he plans to sue for professional negligence .
19 Bearing in mind the words of article 10(2) , in my judgment the right to sue for malicious falsehood gives to a corporate public authority all such rights as are ‘ necessary in a democratic society , ’ i.e. for which there exists a pressing social need , for the protection of its reputation .
20 Since I accept his primary submission I do not find it necessary to consider his other options , but I observe that in every case they would involve the court in a far more creative exercise in framing the law , which I doubt we would be entitled to undertake , than by holding as I would do that a corporate public authority has no right to sue for the tort of defamation and is to be left , if necessary , to such other rights as it may have , in particular the right to sue for malicious falsehood .
21 Nevertheless , my conclusion is that to allow a local government authority to sue for libel would impose an added and substantial restriction upon freedom of expression which , having regard to the ability of individuals within a local authority to sue for libel , and to the ability of a local government authority to sue for malicious falsehood , or to invoke the criminal law of libel , can not be regarded as necessary in our democratic society .
22 She wwent to the High Court in August and won the riught to sue for malicious falsehood , a rare procedure , which she says she has to use because she ca n't afford libel proceedings .
23 The lads at IBJ should also have remembered that the spirits are hard to sue for financial redress .
24 And he says it is becoming more common for people to sue for medical negligence after a delay of ten , twenty , even thiry years -- but such course is fraught with problems .
25 A GIRL of seven has become the youngest person ever to sue for sexual harassment .
26 Since his shock sacking , Fry had promised to sue for unfair dismissal , and he urged his players to report Flashman to the local police for threats he had made against them .
27 After emigration , mononuclear phagocytes may remain as immobile tissue macrophages for several months until they are stimulated or activated .
28 On May 5 Mujjaddedi , who had already indicated that he might remain as interim president for longer than the specified two months , appointed a Cabinet ( most members in an acting capacity ) in a move regarded by some commentators as a violation of the Peshawar Accord .
29 In order to head off conflict with Ghana over the replacement , assurances were later given that Quainoo would remain as overall commander , with Dogonyaro in charge of field operations .
30 Tory MPs have reported that rank and file members are openly questioning whether Mr Major should remain as Prime Minister .
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