Example sentences of "[verb] [modal v] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Accordingly , the basis on which the rent is calculated may itself be changed through a change in the composition of the index .
2 Can I ask you , are you at all nervous about what 's happening in the Gulf in the sense I mean should we actually be there doing what we 're doing erm as part of the Allied Force , does that make you nervous ?
3 I , I mean should it not belong on the panel on worship ?
4 Do you think being in love is let's call it the mating instinct , is being in love merely the mating instinct operating , button one for yes and button two for no , let's er , let's seal that little lust abate there , well forty seven say yes basically I suppose basically being in love is lust , fifty three say no and what about that , that other point , I mean should you marry for love ? , button one for yes and button two for no , should you marry for love ? well what very modern people you are , cos eighty two of you said yes , fifteen said no , who said no ?
5 At Key Biscayne , a week before he expected to be competing in the doubles against Czechoslovakia in their Davis Cup quarter finals , he even started outlining some of the changes he would make should he be given the job .
6 Together they sat on one of the deep and wide settees in the room , and , though there was room enough to spare should they wish to spread out , Leith opted to sit up close .
7 my Lord , er , er , in , in my submission the , the , the highest really could put their case is that if the matter were referred your Lordship simply did n't stay proceedings or permitted them for example to apply for interim payment or permitted them to take some procedural steps to pursue their action so that they were n't unduly delayed should they succeed at the end of the day and that would be a major concession because it would run against a normal rule cos on a reference the entire proceedings are stayed , that 's not a case just saying even if that is done , er that anybody is saying that particular measure is or is good is not good or may not be forced in the interim
8 which do you think should I
9 It is a wise precaution for them to carry conventional insulins and have a regimen organised should they be troubled by pump failure .
10 Well I do n't know should we ?
11 I flash upon my own family ; the way I have to think a moment before deciding who to include in my family , whether to include the step-parents or the siblings on my father 's side whom I would not know should I see them on the street , the hastiness of Mom and Larry on Sunday swirls between galleries and sushi , untapered by excess or sentimentality , busy with books and foreign films and the Sunday supplement of the New York Times , the wisdom of Ivy Leagues and schedules too dense to live by , to wake by , to sleep and breathe by .
12 It does not take much imagination to conjure up the kinds of arguments that EDF will introduce should it wish to inhibit serious competition to itself .
13 I 'm not stopping people doing it , because people ring me up and say should I do it ?
14 I mean if you want could you say I want the same as fourth year job ?
15 And if anybody had got a cow and it calved , we used to go to him and say could we have the beastlings , please .
16 Which is that if we take these cards , instead of dropping in one at here there and everywhere and I doubt if anyone will take much notice of one , maybe I 'm a bit personally interested in , if I say could we all drop them in at Prestos in Rougier Street ?
17 Right , erh what I 'd like to do then is er I say could you just introduce yourself or what you 're working on at the moment where you work and then the sort of presentations that you make er and then give us one of your objectives so that by the time we 've got right round the room we 'll er hopefully have everybody .
18 Right , if I say could you summarise the plot of Revenge of Khan could you do it ?
19 Please say could you ?
20 Doubtless many poets envied Duck , for whom the queen had ‘ Enlarg 'd thy Bottle , and enrich 'd thy Beer ’ .
21 mm you could n't wait could you ?
22 The charter has dare I say it , got the green light , yes , yes alright .
23 You 'll ruin my life if I have to live with this tearing need I have for you !
24 And before beauty parades , presumably a lot of these clients you would n't even get to meet would you ?
25 The teacher that reads your review that wants to know shall I buy that review , hi hire that video rather or , or what , am I going to use it for my class , they are going to er want that information and they do n't want er concepts introduced which they do n't understand what is meant by it , so be careful in that er erm , we have species of bird , the brambling , which I , I think is a pub in
26 those poor unfortunate people , I do n't know would they not ?
27 D' ya know would you believe that she 's only been laid twice .
28 let me ask you one final question and its a cheeky one and er , I want to know whether you drink and drive , I 'm not going to , we have n't got any time for debate , I 'm just interested to know would you say that you drink and drive ? , this is not policy any more , button one for yes , button two for no , your told it as a simply for a , a kind of statistical er oh , er some of you are being rather coy and not voting
29 He must of been picked from the Conservative to stand would he ?
30 And , and whenever they knew you 've come would you , would you walk through and , and they used to for us every time an tha and that in those days they 'd give you a couple of bob which is , it was a fortune to me at that age .
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