Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 The rather tacky set , the lucklustre performances , the script from David Straun and Heather Williams that lurches from trite audience participation to over-the-head jokes ( would any primary-school child get the one about water privatisation ? ) , all did n't seem to matter as the company of four scampered around with their well-intentioned tale of how the white man destroyed the American Indians .
2 We might surmise that the separations John experienced between the ages of two and seven years resulted in the development of an internal blueprint predicting that close relationships were unlikely to be sustained , and cautioning against becoming involved with others .
3 To what extent were politicians responsible for the high unemployment which Britain experienced between the wars ?
4 Tom Slack 's sense of fun effectively camouflages the dramas and dangers he endured as a pilot , as an escaper and ultimately as a POW .
5 He wrote a book which we bought , all about the discrimination he endured as a Methodist living in Ireland .
6 The families sit through a trial and feel short-changed by the sentence handed down . ’
7 Maybe I 'm just being traditional in my tastes ; it is probably important to watch the compilation in small doses and not sit through the whole three hours as I did .
8 As much as he complains about having to frolic through the clichés of his life , he is quite happy to encourage it .
9 Local volunteer schemes may be able to arrange a regular visitor or you could contact an employment agency or advertise for a kindly ‘ sitter ’ .
10 Although the women 's identity remained shielded during the trial , she was named by several news organizations in the pre-trial period , and she chose to reveal her identity in an interview shortly after the verdict .
11 Moreover , just as the empirical data on social inequality that were presented in Chapter 2 could be usefully explained through a combination of Marxist and Weberian theories , in this chapter , the concepts of closure and reproduction also help to bring Marxist and Weberian approaches together , this time for the analysis of the dynamics of class .
12 The high-performance team idea was explained through a programme which again relied on key personalities , regular meetings and frequent use of the language of the approach — such as ‘ flexible working ’ , ‘ product ownership ’ and ‘ front to back responsibility ’ .
13 Mathematics can be explained through the written word ‘ We went to the main road at 10.00 am to begin our traffic count .
14 Contemporary Marxist structuralists arguably confuse voluntarism ( the notion that individuals have unconstrained choices ) with methodological individualism ( the notion that social phenomena should be explained through the intended and unintended consequences of human actors making choices within constrained feasible sets of options ) .
15 Gregson had called immediately and Houghton had explained about the fingerprints and how he was sure he now had positive identification of at least one of the bodies .
16 Two of the younger ones rather shyly explained about the workings of the creamery .
17 The superintendent explained about the name of the guest Nicola was expecting to meet .
18 far from being crushed as a nation by the Russian conquest , the Yakuts succeeded in adapting to the ways of their conquerors and extended their own influence over their Tungus and Yukagir neighbours , not to mention the Russians themselves .
19 In fact , working women were more independent and less likely to marry early ; and the real significance of this controversy was what it revealed about the ideological assumptions of ruling-class men .
20 A few doors away I watched for half an hour through a film of sunlit flour motes as a small , soft mass of dough was miraculously spun and flung out to cover six-foot squares of sacking by two whirling , wizened old men .
21 ‘ Stan called me and we met for a chat at his home .
22 With an interpreter we met for a drink and he told me that because his home was in East Germany he had been forbidden to travel abroad until quite recently when he became an old-age Pensioner ; this voyage was his first taste of freedom .
23 Twenty-seven veterans of the summer campaign to Argentina ( minus centre Christian Coeurville who is involved in exams ) , along with the ‘ tired trio ’ — Sella , Mesnel and LaFond — and the ‘ banned trio ’ of Gimbert , Benazzi and Roumat , and Sebastian Conchy ( the Begles and French students flanker ) met for a squad session in Leon in South West France .
24 We met for a drink .
25 In the first week of January 1979 , President Giscard d'Estaing expounded his view when he met for a summit conference with Jimmy Carter , Hemut Schmidt , the West German chancellor , and James Callaghan , the British prime minister , on the French West Indian island of Guadeloupe .
26 Soon after his call , they met for a meal at Shoney 's Big Boy restaurant where Franks/Schafer introduced him to Burchette , who was then working from home as a one-man security service , and to Jack Terrell , a former operative of Oliver North 's in Central America .
27 NINE former staff at the old Williams & Glyn 's Bradford Branch were soon talking about ‘ the good old days ’ when they met for a reunion in one of the city 's wine bars .
28 FOUR months after attending a weekend course on team building and sales training , staff from Treasury and Capital Markets , Scotland met for a day-long follow-up session in the conference room at Drummond House .
29 The overnight snooze [ all of one-and-a-half hours ] on the ferry was hardly over when it was time to drive onto Reims , where crews from Oslo , Berlin and Edinburgh met for a deserved rest .
30 An Agence France-Presse ( AFP ) news agency report of Dec. 8 said that ICO Foreign Ministers who met for a preparatory session in Dakar on Dec. 5-9 , had adopted a draft resolution expressing " full solidarity " with Libya in its confrontation with Western states over the Lockerbie affair [ see p. 38599 ] and underlined their " concern over … the possible use of force " .
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