Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 But some of them they do put on I do n't think are worth putting on at all !
2 But then I , I , it 's unfortunate that you had your first I mean someone who had no experience of headmastership , head , head teachers , I mean all the head teachers I should think are in financial problems this year cos it 's really there first full year
3 Organizing , managing and administering are about controlling and co-ordinating the diverse contributions needed for the attainment of some collective goal .
4 ‘ The last two groups to perform are from Donegal and Leitrim .
5 ’ Anybody could 've gone outside and pulled a plug out of the wall and the show would 've been off the air A lot of people probably wish they had . ’
6 You ca n't imagine how much of a help you 've been to me .
7 I see you 've been to the hospital , or something like that .
8 Er right I need somebody out there who has n't done this before erm let's see we 've been to Ripon , been to Thirsk , erm been over to Scarborough with Dr Rock , North Allerton no I do n't like North Allerton well I mean I love North Allerton no no I want to go south I want to go Tadcaster way have we anybody down there ?
9 I thought it might 've been to a Royal Garden Party
10 erm , you know , with preparation beforehand I would normally have , have realized that , and anything else would 've been on top of it .
11 Oh that 's not so bad you see I 've been on holiday all last week
12 ‘ It should 've been with the batch of papers given .
13 There must 've been with erm in forty seven was it the encirclement campaign where they allowed the nationalists to sort of drive through the , I do n't know the defences , they must 've been fairly certain of their support in certain areas by then .
14 Think I should 've been with you .
15 I told him it must 've been about the Royal Garden Party .
16 Jackson must 've been under the effects of the anaesthetic after a nose job to come out with something so bad .
17 That would 've been down hill .
18 Stopping would 've been like looking away from a hypnotist 's swinging silver watch .
19 I begin to get some idea of what the Roman games must 've been like . ’
20 Carlo and McGowan stood on either side of the embalmer , he might 've been in custody .
21 Reason they 're mixed up he , he must 've been in there messing about with them .
22 So if that was Jim cos Jim would 've been in his he has n't laid
23 I think Americans and Russians find it strange that we are 100% funded by government and over 50% of the cases we bring are against government departments .
24 The instructions provide a generative programme , the folding and unfolding are like the contractions and changes in contact in cell sheets in the embryo .
25 The advantage of this argument is that it allows one to define literature 's relation to reality in a much more positive and coherent way : both literature and the reality which it represents are of the same order and , according to Bakhtin , this order is ideological .
26 But new questions about the relations of language and what language represents are of great importance to our understanding of Renaissance culture .
27 Nearly half of those registered are in the jobs market for the first time .
28 The first items that I wish to acknowledge are from Mr Norman Wheeler of Stokesay .
29 The seller should of course resist such warranties because of their vagueness , and insist that , if he is to give such a warranty , the purpose should be clearly specified in the contract , with sufficient detail to enable him to be sure that the goods that he supplies are in fact suitable for that purpose .
30 Devises are of two kinds only , specific and residuary .
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