Example sentences of "[verb] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah , but the trips he 's using are big .
2 The seaplanes that do remain are small aircraft , not generally used for scheduled passenger services .
3 There are few forested areas of the world that remain untouched by human activity and those that do remain are unlikely to survive intact in the future .
4 But so far as the confusions about to be examined are concerned , it does not solve the difficulty .
5 Which do you think are good , entirely good ?
6 Switching , if I may , from Victorian novelists to more contemporary novelists , who do you think are good novelists of today ?
7 Wayne 's World may have made Scooby Doo hip , but we 're talking serious addiction to cartoon characters that even your five-year-old sister would think are naff .
8 So in this chapter you will find some pointers for looking at what you might think are everyday activities .
9 But the approach is not adequate by itself : on the one hand , not all of the functions which government consciously decides to perform are public ; and on the other hand , there may well be functions performed by non-governmental bodies which have not attracted government attention , encouragement or participation but which nevertheless are of public importance .
10 That should 've been automatic , ni November ninety three .
11 With up to 8Mb on the motherboard there probably is n't any need for expansion if the machine is used solely as a network station , but it would 've been nice to find a PCMCIA slot for something like a modem .
12 Christ , he must 've been good . ’
13 That would 've been good .
14 Tommy , that again should 've been blue .
15 It 's lucky I was n't in the water then floating , cos that would 've been dangerous with that boat going past .
16 it came , it did it almost came to a halt again and it could 've been dangerous as well you , children in the back , two children in the back !
17 A little bit I think that he was just concerned that perhaps there might 've been other people who might 've wanted to come and if people had rung up and you had had a waiting list something could 've been done about it
18 Well it was , it might , could 've been dark grey
19 In any other house this would 've been normal , but in theirs it was eerie , unnatural .
20 Hadst thou only purloined Issue 80 thy poster would 've been complete !
21 ‘ If it 'd been my missus , I 'd 've been relieved that someone else was taking an interest .
22 I do n't think I would 've been married fifty eight years .
23 I do n't know whether , whether it might 've been worthwhile just questioning a bit more about the the link because he was obviously very keen on it
24 It would 've been awful if they 'd found my things in the car . ’
25 Congress , if I asked the question , is there a shop steward in the house , I would 've been confident to say yes , but they all seem to be leaving .
26 What a shame just Mickey again out on the right hand side , Dean made a great diagonal run in behind the full back and the ball was just a little bit heavy otherwise there could 've been real danger again for Blackburn .
27 No , they , they only done that because it would 've been hard for us I think , in the
28 If it had n't the results could 've been catastrophic .
29 Where he found the energy — Anyway , this poor child , only nineteen she was ( he should 've been ashamed of himself and him a man of forty ) — if she 'd only come to me at the start !
30 Well , it would 've been handy would n't it ? some of them .
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