Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 and up the steps out of the underground there was this lass there and I , I ca n't help it I mean I 'm always aware of the fact of having this twenty five year old child , so offspring and there was a girl roughly about his age or slightly younger and she was grey you know that translucent look your skin gets when you 're not eating properly you know that grey sort of pallor and I had an overnight bag in one hand and a briefcase and a handbag in the other and I remember I walked past her and she was begging and I had gone to the sleeper and I 'm sitting there and I 'm thinking you bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep , you could of put briefcase down , overnight bag down , handbag down and got some money out .
2 Anyway so and then of course Oh that was another thing , I said to him , No you 'll want to sit somewhere you 'll want I do n't want a desk in there , I 'm not having my desk in there .
3 I got , aha , I got on I got one with a camera .
4 If my 'Arold 'ad 'eard 'im goin' on 'e would 'ave put 'is lights out . ’
5 Always goin' on he do n't have a fockin' ‘ real ’ problem ! ’
6 I mean effectively what you 're saying is that York has got a capacity for about another three thousand three hundred dwellings ?
7 Outings can be for just one or two residents to go somewhere they want to , or it may involve the whole staff and all the residents .
8 And it got , in the end , actually , if I was , if I had to do something that was urgent or I had to go somewhere I used to have to say to her something like , you know , erm oh I better get on , I got a lot to do this morning , or I 'm goi I 've to be shopping and be back in time to cook Jim 's dinner or something like that cos he 's starting , oh I 've got ta have his dinner ready at twelve before he goes to work and if I really was pushed otherwise she would have come in every day .
9 Dad , dad , Auntie has to go somewhere I do n't know where , but she just told me to call you cos it 's quarter past fifteen minutes past six or is it seven ?
10 To go somewhere you got ta be talented , Charlie .
11 If the task is completed successfully there is joy and satisfaction ; and there is disappointment , sadness and anger if it is not .
12 Well er I mean eventually we 'd have to think of something .
13 Well they probably do but I mean right they can go and I mean what do they spend their money on ?
14 Yeah , come out with look I mean right what happens any travel agent right will tell ya right that these are that there are huge corporates with massive opportunities for business in the corporate sector particularly on because they 're used to saying that the reps and in the main will buy that because they 'll be able to get something out of it .
15 Ho how can you , going to be , to do that , I mean right you 're a poor peasant and I explain to you all the benefits of land reform , what are you gon na say to me ?
16 Had he pressed on he might none the less have taken Newcastle , which contained many Jacobite sympathisers , but while he dallied , turning aside to Hexham , 15 miles [ 24 km ] west of the city , the Newcastle magistrates called out the militia and trained bands , mobilised a force of 700 tough keelmen , who worked on the lighters in the harbour , patched up the ancient city wall , though they lacked cannon to defend it , and bricked up the gates .
17 Right , time marches on we 've got five minutes before this meeting closes , so if you 've got another question , I 'll take one more question for Chris and then she 's off the hook .
18 Even the inner-city property sites of National Carriers did not look very tempting once it became clear there was an abundance of that kind of property on offer .
19 On closer inspection it became clear there were two sets of figures for the same period of time for the Grenfell Leather Trading Company .
20 When the trial started on Monday , Mr Goldring said that following a number of mysterious incidents involving youngsters at the hospital , it became clear there was a criminal at large on Ward 4 , the children 's ward .
21 I mean luckily you , you know , you 'd gone on a car , with a car so it 's a matter of throwing everything in the back and just going
22 Where Methodism succeeded locally it tended to be of the brand , Lady Huntingdon 's , which appealed most to middling townsfolk .
23 Their initial relationship is one of icy formality , but as time goes on they seem to have more in common …
24 Then as the evening goes on they begin to understand him and at the end they genuinely feel sorry and care for him .
25 In terms of an apparently satisfactory way of explaining what goes on we are far less confident than in the good old days of AIDA — but at least we know that AIDA was as inadequate as a theory as her operatic namesake was ill-starred in love .
26 If it goes on we 'll call the police .
27 ‘ He has been fined £1,000 , ’ said Schofield , ‘ and if he goes on we 'll double it . ’
28 Now it 's important that we come up with some interesting things because , as you know , as the course goes on we 're going to be joined by professionals from the media , in the form of Bob Satchwell later on this afternoon , and other gentlemen from the local radio and so forth tomorrow , and they 're actually going to , as it were , confirm , or not , as the case may be , the sort of things we 've been talking about .
29 Perhaps , as the poem goes on I shall be able to make various things clearer .
30 For two hours our own guns have been bombarding us , and if it goes on I shall take my company and bombard the gunner with these grenades ! ’
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