Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] at " in BNC.

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1 That had frightened me at first but now I thought the Star Zoo was wonderful .
2 So , if a couple are not married , the surviving partner receives nothing at all under the Intestacy Rules .
3 Cos you will throw them at the back of the box instead of lining them up .
4 Do n't throw them at the windows .
5 We was gon na throw them at you .
6 Other sketchbooks contain swift pencil notations which correspond to oil paintings , although it is not entirely clear what function they served and whether Monet consulted them at any later stage in the evolution of his compositions .
7 Once they 've joined in the Pirates Club , you 'll be lucky to see them at all , as they go through their paces for the junior cabaret ( where a lot of hidden young talent come to light ) , or as they enjoy the treasure hunts and fancy dress parties .
8 Most country and metropolitan district councils in England and Wales hold definitive maps , and you can ask to see them at council offices or sometimes at the public library .
9 To see them at their best , keep a small shoal , although in an aquarium of your size , two should be quite happy .
10 Jonna was not slow to remind them that he and Maisie hoped to see them at their wedding , due in a few weeks ' time at Easter .
11 I have 200m shares , nothing would please me more than to see them at £1 each . ’
12 Phone now on or pop in to see them at
13 It is quite possible to keep a lone specimen but to see them at their best a group is preferable .
14 ‘ You 've got chilblains ! ’ their mother said when she came to see them at the beginning of December .
15 In addition , some Compact employers may wish to invite parents to visit their premises to see them at work .
16 ‘ I 've to see them at the bank shortly — there 's that Buttering to be fixed , and no money for it wi'out they 'll give me a loan . ’
17 To Ruth , crouching by Gran , he seemed hugely tall ; but he gazed round like a helpless child , seeming not to see them at first .
18 To see them at their best , keep a small shoal .
19 ‘ Hello , ’ she said hoarsely , pleased to see them at ease with each other again .
20 The girl cried out in alarm at the sound of Rohmer 's shout , swinging back to see them at last .
21 ‘ Normally we do n't like people to see them at this stage .
22 ‘ It will please the Colonel to see them at the breakfast-table in the morning , ’ I-said .
23 I was still more surprised when some of their parents arrived in motor cars to see them at the weekend
24 The public would still pay to see them at the cinema .
25 Seven student teachers will be taking their examinations on 21st and 28th March — we wish them luck and hope to see them at next Q.T. Day .
26 to see them at the Dinosaurs Alive and then they went to the museum .
27 What I still could n't understand was why he wanted to see me at all .
28 I could tell Gillian and Stuart were n't thrilled to see me at the airport .
29 ‘ I 've got someone coming to see me at nine , ’ he said .
30 Very good of you to see me at such short notice . ’
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