Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Someone in the audience has asked me to greet them the way the chimpanzees greet each other in the wild at Gombe , ’ Jane Goodall began .
2 You feel like you 've heard them a couple of hundred times when it 's only been twice .
3 Lowell had heard them a few times before on the Sundays when life was normal and they were just background music at the commencement of an ordinary day .
4 We also had to shear and dip them every year and friends would come to help .
5 The experience has taught me a lot , not least about Margaret Thatcher 's single achievement in changing the class contours of British politics .
6 Fortunately for Conran , he had attended the sort of public school ‘ which had taught me a lot of practical skills ’ .
7 ‘ Her first professional job was before I was born , and she has taught me a lot . ’
8 The governess here , Miss Lambert , has kindly taught me a little .
9 Four years with a handicapped child have taught me a lot of things , but three in particular :
10 There is a very smart woman working in Conservative Central Office who has taught me a trick at least as useful at that of Shirley Williams .
11 Listening to those criticisms has taught me a salutary and humbling lesson .
12 I was very naive but the last year has taught me a lot .
13 ‘ He has taught me a great deal about the business , ’ Alice proffered , ‘ and I know he is totally loyal to the Maison de Verveine .
14 ‘ Women have taught me a tremendous amount about emotions .
15 Kate has taught me a lot about motherhood — mostly because she approaches it in a completely different way to me .
16 The sum of the erm I do I do n't , I know , my dad 's taught me a different one to Miss , she she taught me that erm i the , oh hang on !
17 But you 've taught me the difference between art and life .
18 My father who was a er a clergyman taught me the piano from an early age and er I first became interested in the organ purely for money purposes in fact , when at the age of fifteen a local methodist church in Durham where we lived at the time said er , We need an organist .
19 That is what will keep us head and shoulders above any of our competitors even if they do wave a BS5750 certificate around as though it guarantees them a divine right to business success .
20 Without trying looking very heavily at these type of sales , where savings plans have been sold for future mortgages , erm , the clients are left thinking it 's building up money for their , for their deposit , for their legal fees , and it guarantees them a mortgage at sometime in the future .
21 ‘ You could dye them the same colour , ’ said Betty .
22 I with the jack , so I thought well somebody will throw me the thing , you know ?
23 On the other hand , you wo n't want to input them every time you run the program either .
24 In a sense this Northern mythology asks more of men , even makes more of them , than does Christianity , for it offers them no heaven , no salvation , no reward for virtue except the sombre satisfaction of having done what is right .
25 It means the League champions have gone 11 games unbeaten , a run that offers them a final placing that would erase much of the disappointment of a frustrating season that includes two defeats by Coventry .
26 Somewhat later came the present owner , John Matta , who now takes great pleasure in greeting Citalia guests and welcomes them on arrival with a gift of the wonderful Chianti Classico from his excellent cellars and offers them a typical Tuscan dinner at a reasonable price , which is taken most weeks in the castle 's impressive banqueting hall .
27 Already the young men in Harare have been coming to Arthur , knowing his record in Mount Darwin and sensing a kindred spirit ; and he offers them a better way than stone-throwing and kidnapping tactics .
28 Now I understand that top level sailors welcome the one-design nature of the Grand Prix , not only because it is potentially inexpensive , but because it offers them an even platform from which to display their skills .
29 It offers them an alternative to expensive air fares .
30 ‘ It offers them an environmentally responsible means of handling sodium sulphate while providing overall economic benefits , ’ said product development manager Sarah Galbraith .
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