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1 They will examine the social importance of journalists ' work over the last 25 years , particularly with regards to the Troubles .
2 However , Paletz and his colleagues remain critical of the journalists ' over-reliance on official sources of information about the riot ( i.e. the mayor and chief of police ) which helped to frame the event as the successful police suppression of a naked spree of lawlessness .
3 Freedom of the press encompassed " journalists ' freedom of expression and of creation , access to sources of information , protection of independence and professional confidentiality , and the right to establish newspapers and other publications " .
4 Suddenly , I thought of St Bride 's , the journalists ' church in Fleet Street .
5 MP and broadcasting expert Roger Gale said : ‘ I think it just a cheap journalists ' trick on behalf of The Sun to try to score points over their rivals . ’
6 After half an hour or so , when some of the journalists ' drinking arms were a blur , Jefferson banged on the table .
7 New Broadcasting Corporation — Journalists ' Union congress
8 Kravchenko came in for fierce criticism at the seventh congress of the USSR Journalists ' Union held on Feb. 5-7 , over the return of political censorship of state television , as witnessed recently in the withdrawal of the Vzglyad documentary series and the return by the flagship news programme Vremya to official propaganda and exhortation .
9 On the journalists ' evidence , if the directives had been in force during the previous twelve months the effect on air time would have been minimal .
10 At the PDA 600 Pen Pad launch ( see front ) , he responded to journalists ' concern that the pen would go missing : ‘ We give three away free in the box … after that they are £500 each ’ .
11 The launch of the country 's first private newspaper was announced last week by a journalists ' cooperative called Media-Coop , based in Maputo .
12 Is it one of those reactions that occur spontaneously when journalists ' ink is mixed with an equal measure of pure ignorance ?
13 Even more than in the earlier conflict , direct vetting of journalists ' copy and reliance on allied debriefings ensure that military priorities squeeze out alternative perspectives and agendas .
14 Televised information is based on a code of ethics established in the Journalists ' Charter .
15 To avoid this routine ignominy , you need to turn the journalists ' boredom to your own advantage .
16 As one door would close , they would move on to another , never surrendering faith in the need for a popular paper that , in Hayling 's words , ‘ at the very least reflects the decent humanity in this country ’ , ’ he wrote in the journalists ' trade paper , UK Press Gazette .
17 The German journalists ' trade union ( DJV ) criticized the new law , which , it said , represented " the most serious effort at limiting freedom of the press " since the time of Nazi Germany .
18 The Medical Journalists ' Association 1989 award for the most outstanding contribution to medical journalism has been won by Nicholas Timmins , The Independent 's Health Services Correspondent .
19 Letters or articles advocating a switch to political pluralism ‘ would be an act against socialism , ’ according to Mr Tran Cong Man , Deputy Secretary General of the Journalists ' Association .
20 Many drugs will be available over the counter instead of by doctor 's order only , Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley told the Medical Journalists ' Association in London yesterday .
21 It was organised by the All-China Women 's Federation and All-China Journalists ' Association under the auspices of UNESCO .
22 On April 10 , the Press Council declared that the proposed changes were reminiscent of the 1925 Takrir-e Sukun ( law of silence ) and " were in no way relevant to 1990s Turkey " , while on April 11 the Journalists ' Association accused the government of wanting to " destroy the right of reporting altogether " .
23 The three were Radwan Abu Ayyash , head of the Arab Journalists ' Association , Ziyad Abu Zayyad , a lawyer , and Ahmed Yazji , a physician .
24 The journalists ' reaction appeared to take management by surprise .
25 THE Amnesty International Journalists ' Network , launched officially in London on 21 March , has already adopted the cases of more than 20 journalists throughout the world who have been tortured , threatened or killed because of their work .
26 The journalists ' satisfaction at retribution on a man who sneered at Britain in her finest hour now sounds like delusive and individual rant .
27 Sociologists can , and should , learn from ( some ) journalists ' professionalism , and a good journalistic account of something is better than a bad sociological one .
28 Journalists ' delegate Colin Bourne won a standing ovation when he slammed the EETPU for its past bad behaviour .
29 Byrne plays the young ragamuffins ' father , Papa Riley , a former leader of the travellers who went to pieces when his beloved wife died in childbirth and now subsists on cheap whisky and stale fags in a rundown council flat while his boyos fend for themselves .
30 But the international recession , the debt crisis , and the protectionist reaction to the NICs ' success raised doubts about whether the 1970s strategy is still the best .
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