Example sentences of "[noun] at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 And Leo had also been taking steps to revivify the influence of religion at other levels .
2 It politely requested that , for security reasons , I bring my ship down to Underlight speed at specific co-ordinates , at a specific time , and prepare for rendezvous with the Emissary 's ship .
3 Our earlier quoted settings , which perhaps could be nudged a little sacrificing fuel burn and noise comfort , produced around 145 knots true air speed at low level , and at height around 155 .
4 It is a pathetic and lamentable contrast to the vital contribution made by the arts at previous Expos in , for example , Paris in 1900 and 1937 , or Montreal in 1967 .
5 The attention focusing interpretation of Studies 2 and 3 assumed that risks at dangerous junctions provide better recognition cues than those at safer junction .
6 This could be because risks at dangerous junctions tend to be multiple and often specific to individual films while risks at safer junctions are often single and common to many exemplars .
7 The report goes on to say that clean-up policy has been made on political rather than scientific grounds and that " less than 1 percent of the $4,200 million spent each year on hazardous-waste sites in the US has been used to evaluate health risks at listed Superfund sites . "
8 Notes Sheep farms are not recommended for visits by pregnant ladies , due to health risks at lambing times .
9 This is a well-documented conflict , especially among creative people who need isolation at certain times and company at others .
10 Those few studies [ … ] that have reassessed parental characteristics at various ages of the child have shown that even in the course of a few months during infancy there may be drastic changes in a mother 's behaviour-sometimes resulting from changes in the infant 's behaviour , sometimes brought about by extraneous factors .
11 It seems certain that the blend of characteristics at Great Witcombe is attributable to a mosaicist who had worked on the St. Nicholas Street mosaic .
12 As a result , the Population Census is not just the best , but in practice the only , source of reliable data on a reasonably wide range of demographic and socio-economic characteristics at sub-regional scale .
13 She started taking stands at antique fairs in Kent , and at weekends or during school holidays the whole family plus dogs would go on expeditions to Wales , the West Country and East Anglia .
14 Temporary upsurges in militancy during the year , in particular around the question of British intervention in Russia and Ireland , provoked principled stands at national and local levels , not least because it deflected anti-Bolshevik propaganda that had been used consistently against Labour .
15 Indeed , the same patient may require more than one remedy at different stages of the treatment programme .
16 ( This practice is by no means confined to French music of the period , as a glance at early sources of , say , Purcell 's music will show . )
17 It seems to us natural that love should be the commonest theme of serious imaginative literature : but a glance at classical antiquity or at the Dark Ages at once shows us that what we took for " nature " is really a special state of affairs , which will probably have an end , and which certainly had a beginning …
18 Pink tie tapped again at his calculator and wondered , with a quick glance at striped shirt , if Miss Glover and her brother had considered that realisation of the asset would bring in … well , at a conservative estimate around ten , fifteen thousand extra income ?
19 He threw his dressing gown casually on the chair and — with never a glance at Arty — jumped between the sheets , picked up the newspaper from the floor beside the bed , opened it out and peered over the top , his ears tuned to the conversation .
20 This brought an access of homesickness , not for the Yorkshire moors but for the English language , and also for the long days of last summer 's play , for Alexander Wedderburn 's blown-rose full-blooded verse on the Elizabethan terrace at Long Royston , English summer evenings .
21 James and Kate divided by a tea table on the terrace at Carinish Court .
22 The only workable categorization of Elvis 's music , as we have seen , is not by historical period but by song-type — or more precisely , by apparently self-contradictory assemblages of musical elements as they are mediated by the differential demands of varied songs at various moments .
23 Dr Julia Thomason , a leading exponent of critical and creative thinking at Appalachian State University , North Carolina , says students are likely to react to this type of problem in one of four different ways :
24 This was the place where he had almost bowled Anna over many months before and where he enjoyed riding the horse at breakneck speed , disregarding anyone else who might chance to be on the path .
25 In the curiously claustrophobic , hierarchic world of the organisation , with the competitive pressures for promotion and jockeying for status , and the paranoid reactions this could induce , a few words spoken with a confident air of authority in certain ears at certain times could do incalculable harm , in my view .
26 The banks utilized domestic and foreign financial resources , they were shareholders of and suppliers of credits to domestic and foreign industrial companies , they combined the short-term business of deposit banking with the long-term business of investment banking and also provided stockbroker services , managed their clients ' portfolios , acquired shares and voted their own and their customers ' stock at general meetings of joint-stock companies .
27 But if they were always selling their stock at genuine bargain prices , they would never make any money .
28 Ken and Pat Ferguson would like to re-cover your dining-chair seats for a labour charge of only £5 each plus the cost of fabric , which you can choose from a selection of pieces available in stock at reduced prices , or supply your own fabric .
29 In an unusual move a bookseller is preparing to give away his shop , complete with a five year lease and £15,000 worth of stock at retail , because he has been unable to find a buyer for it .
30 In stock at competitive prices
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