Example sentences of "[noun] that have " in BNC.

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1 But at least the new developments should ease the diplomatic impasse that has kept relations between Japan and the Soviet Union frozen for 46 years .
2 Gradually , the state of anticipation at Ballingolin began to subside like an inflated pig 's bladder that has a slow leak .
3 Manners that have gone by the board
4 His hands shake ant his balance is cruelly uncertain , a fly wheel that has lost its rhythm .
5 Expelled from the Commons as a result of giving false statements , he was returned unopposed in 1734 for Great Grimsby , a venal borough that had elected other disreputable financiers and in which Sutton owned considerable property .
6 Erm Harrogate er is a borough that 's enjoyed an enormous er growth in prosperity and economic activity during the erm exciting er yuppie years of Mrs Thatcher the mid eighties and erm er was indeed one of the I think one of the most wealthy boroughs , one of the highest economic activity rate levels , the Civic Society tell us in their papers it was paying the highest rates and all these sort of indicators , but with as so much of that period it turned out to be er a bubble and a chimera and er the borough has experienced some very severe erm er closures in recent years .
7 There have been many Western and Soviet studies of religious belief per se , and of the interaction in Soviet history between an atheist regime and a highly religious peasantry , but scant reference is made to socio-economic views and actions derived from religion that had ultimate political repercussions .
8 The moral values of the Protestant religion that had fuelled Bacon 's belief that science would enable humankind to dominate Nature were reformulated , not abandoned .
9 Yet Christianity is a religion that has always been open to rational criticism when its critics have been granted the freedom to make their challenge known .
10 Every heresy and man-made religion that has ever been invented presents a fractured picture of Jesus Christ .
11 They are Chinese Muslims whose ancestors came to China from Arabia as long ago as 651 and who still live scattered throughout the People 's Republic , preserving a way of life , a language and a religion that has more in common with Mecca than with the Orient .
12 First , when there has been confrontation , it has been religion that has yielded in the end .
13 The condition can also follow heavy applications of lime and is one of the risks that have to be taken when a heavy liming is needed to neutralize severe acidity quickly when it is causing problems like canker for example .
14 Sad to say , the neighbourhood had been pulled down as ‘ a slum ’ in 1927 , a council action that had staggered the rest of Galway .
15 The conscious intent , and the time taken to perform an action that had clear symbolic content , drew our attention and created an out-of-the-ordinary impression .
16 That unhinging extended back at least as far as the Japanese attack on the American fleet at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 , a crisis which allowed Franklin Roosevelt finally to break free from the congressional restraints on executive action that had been operative in the inter war period .
17 And when Parliament eventually turned back the tide of opposition to Eyre and voted financial support to the former Governor , it was poetically appropriate that those who had been most vocal in their support for the Garotter 's Act — such as Mr Adderley and the rampant Colonel North — should be in the thick of it again , shouting their praise for Eyre 's loyalty to the Crown and his firm action that had saved a colony .
18 She told Lucien how much the northerners resented the Ixmaritian tithes , and how in some cases people had shed their blood to resist them , a course of action that had been doomed to failure .
19 At the same time , a nasty backward glance , a creeping suspicion suggested a consultation with Anderson might have been a wise idea before taking the practical action that had ended in such discouraging disaster …
20 He stated : " Haughey had retained all but one of the tapes I gave him , and at no stage indicated disapproval of the action that had been taken . "
21 The remedial action that had to be taken was painful in the extreme but it saved ICI Fibres and put it in a position of strength for the future .
22 At home the action that has drawn most attention in the past year was his vote in favour of war in the Gulf .
23 During a civil action that has been going on for years over ownership , he was made a ward of court and his bones kept in shoe boxes in a bank . ’
24 Criticism ( like praise ) should be related to the particular action that has earned it ( 'I do n't like it when you swear' ) .
25 The declining importance of religion in social life in general , and in particular the declining influence of Christianity on the great moral questions of the day was ( and is ) the spur to action that has kept the NVALA going for over twenty years .
26 Action in the majority of adventure stories is seen both to affect and to be affected by character but in the end it is action that has the final word , in the romantic happy ending in which the heroism of man is affirmed .
27 It was also resolved that this article should appear in ‘ Contact ’ to inform members of Convocation of the course of action that has been forced on Standing Committee by Hong Kong Branch due to their noncompliance with the standing orders of the Branch Constitution .
28 Lord Coke lays it down broadly that the staying of an action that has been unjustly brought is no consideration for a promise to pay money .
29 Labour has a clear programme for action that has been endorsed at successive party conferences , including that held last month .
30 Representing an action as predictable also implies seeing it as something potential , that is , as an action that has ( or had ) high chances of being performed , and not as an actuality .
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