Example sentences of "[noun] that [prep] " in BNC.

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1 On 12 December 1985 the building society commenced in the High Court the action that in due course came before Knox J. It sued only Mr. Steed as defendant and claimed possession of the property .
2 From the ‘ stop-go chart ’ the reservations staff can see at a glance that on Friday 4 May and Saturday 5 May there are no single or double rooms available .
3 It is one of the paradoxes of contemporary political thinking that at the same time as much conventional theory has tried to restrict the idea of democracy to that of choosing a government from competing elites , it is also widely admitted that the theoretical sovereignty of these democratic governments is not in fact matched by their actual powers over society , particularly in relation to the vast conglomerate firms and multi-national companies on whose policies and decisions the employment and livelihood of so many millions now depend .
4 It is central to his thinking that for most communities , each code has its own symbolic value in terms of " we " and " they " .
5 Increasingly , as we 've been studying the problems of developing countries , two major changes have been occurring ; one in our own thinking that in many ways problems of developing countries are linked in extricably with things that are going on in Britain or Europe or other parts of the so-called industrial world , and secondly that as we 've been studying developing countries , we 've been finding that more and more problems in Britain and other industrial countries begin to look like some of the same problems that we 've been used to in developing countries .
6 Rapidly the realisation spread among pre-literate peoples that by harvesting the fruits of the earth and by adding water to wild-growing , or naturally produced , sugar-containing raw materials — like grapes , fruits , berries or honey — and by leaving the sweet mishmash exposed in the warm air ( at the mercy of airborne yeasts ) , a highly prized stimulating beverage would reward the effort .
7 They had detached themselves from the torrent of peoples that in prehistory had poured out of China onto the countless islands of the Pacific and , settling the eastern coastal strip of the Indochina peninsula , they had named their country Nam Viet — Land of the Southern Viet People .
8 Animals in turn live by eating the organic materials that plants have produced by photosynthesis ; or by eating other animals that in their turn have eaten plants .
9 Meredith that on the grass with his chin tilted to the sky as if sunbathing .
10 Your overall objective should be to ensure that a deal that at first sight looks attractive is not , in the long run , undermined because you have to expend significant additional sums in order to maintain a reasonable life-style abroad and fulfil your duties adequately .
11 It can be estimated from this experiment that at least 100 to 150 bp of DNA have been added to the ends of the linear plasmid .
12 It is a common perception that during the 1950s biology replaced physics as the most exciting domain of science .
13 The parallel is not exact , but it underlines the usual perception that in education/industry partnerships education tends to receive while industry tends to give .
14 The reasons are numerous — the recession , people 's awareness of drink/driving and perhaps a perception that in some way white spirits are healthier !
15 It would appear from the remarks of our incomer informants that for them too , the most readily apparent distinction between types of Shetlanders is along the sex and age dimensions .
16 ‘ In the US , irresponsible politicians pretend to the electorate that by killing a few people you 're going to solve society 's crime problem and people believe them . ’
17 One Sunday morning after he had gone to his chapel and I to my church , he came back excitedly waving a newspaper and said ‘ Listen to this , ’ and he read the Dylan Thomas poem ‘ The force that through the green fuse drives the flower ’ .
18 It was the force that through the green fuse … drove him .
19 ‘ The force that through the green fuse drives the flower . ’
20 The Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Hisham Nazer was quoted before the meeting as saying that while Saudi Arabia would continue to support the US$21 reference price , it would not " force that on the market by a deliberate creation of shortage " .
21 I 'll never know how I made it through to the interval , an hour later , but I do know that I wrenched those lenses out with such force that in the second act I was white-faced , red-eyed , and resembled one of the Brides of Dracula .
22 Bede says of the episcopal authority of Bishop Wilfrid in the reign of Oswiu that it embraced Northumbrians and Picts as far as the power of Oswiu extended ( HE III , 3 ) , and the Life of Wilfrid that in the reign of Ecgfrith it widened still further so that Wilfrid was bishop of the Saxons ( that is , the Northumbrians ) in the south and the Britons , Scots and Picts in the north ( Vita Wilfridi , ch. 21 ) .
23 Gabriel obeyed at once , and while riding along was thinking so hard about the shooting that in the darkness he failed to notice a man walking along the road to Casterbridge .
24 My readings in Zen , too , had shown me the folly of love , analysed it as an illusion among all the other illusions of this floating and temporary world , an emotion that by its very nature created suffering .
25 Religions purvey illusion that with enough effort and humility you can get to that elsewhere .
26 Boys who feel backward grow backward , even when they are not , for they suffer from the illusion that by nature they can not solve the problems set to them .
27 These are : 1 the differences between speech and writing ; 2 the nature and internal organisation of written texts ; 3 the processes of writing — and concomitant with this , the appreciation that for the purposes of teaching , the process is of prior importance to the product .
28 Like any political arriviste , he could not be sure whom he should trust among his colleagues , but the faction-fights of the previous thirty years must have taught Ceauşescu that in the Romanian Communist Party ideological affinity or even past services counted for little .
29 Family , friends and grandchildren must take the place of the employing organizations that for many years conferred identity , values and status .
30 More serious is the allegation that in these latter years Ghana was allowed to accumulate extravagant debts : an amount of £500 million is often quoted , though the true figure seems to have been about £120 million .
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