Example sentences of "[noun] for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Furthermore , Sara did not want to be bound by a rigid time-table for meals , which Lizzie expected and insisted on .
2 Paradoxically , then , reduced citation visibility for authors could result in middle authorship continuing to be regarded as an earned ( and hence valued ) privilege rather than as a right , a favour , a payback , or an inconsequential bagatelle .
3 Pottering down to the library to exchange Colin Thubron for Jonathan Raban or dropping in to the Jacaranda Tree for a mushroom omelette , everything can seem orderly and secure .
4 Also titled Howard Carter : before Tutankhamun ( British Museum Press , £12.95 p/b £9.95 for visitors to the museum during the period of the exhibition ) , it is an anthology of Howard Carter 's writings illustrated by his own photographs , drawings and paintings .
5 The upper line shows the least-squares regression for insectivores and frugivores , the lower one that for folivores ( from Clutton-Brock and Harvey 1977 ) .
6 I 'd be eating fried X-rays for breakfast . ’
7 The rowan tree ( Sorbus aucuparia ) or in Gaelic , which stands in the corner of the kitchen garden or just beyond the house or byre , has protected the home , the family and the cattle from witches and fairies for centuries , and has endured after many a homestead has been deserted .
8 Standard is selling most of its continental commercial banking operations to WestLB for £100m .
9 Earlier this year BICC paid £106million for BRIntec in the US .
10 Institutions for change
11 We will play our full part in the design and discussion of monetary institutions for Europe .
12 These include greater competition between financial institutions for deposits .
13 In approaching institutions for help , the appearance of subservience can help people who are clearly powerless .
14 The term ‘ supervision ’ is used here to mean the monitoring of financial institutions for investor protection , prudential regulation , and structural regulation purposes combined .
15 In practice the polytechnics were initially mainly second-choice institutions for students unable to obtain entrance to universities , but as their reputations grew and they launched courses different from or not available at universities , they attracted more able students .
16 The children not adopted stayed in the original creche until they reached the age of 6 , when they were transferred to two other institutions for boys and girls respectively .
17 But he simply does not come to grips with the genuine political and cultural difficulty of establishing effective institutions for research in applied sciences , such as agriculture and medicine , which can not be seeded entirely by individual commitment and talent .
18 DC & CA had received requests from external institutions for labels to be made .
19 During this period , a significant expansion in the existing supply of institutions for children occurred in Flanders , the Netherlands , and the United Kingdom ( Lammertyn and Antoons , 1990 ) .
20 The House of Lords Select Committee on the EC has welcomed the proposed Directive on the Freedom of Management and Investment of Funds held by Institutions for Retirement Provision .
21 It is to be hoped that NAB 's more open approach will enable it to win consent from the public sector institutions for difficult and unpalatable decisions , though clearly some of its deliberations , concerning the possible closing of institutions for example , will have to be conducted in private .
22 However , the first half of the nineteenth century witnessed a revolution in social practice in many Western societies : deviants and dependents were increasingly segregated into institutions — mental hospitals , prisons , reformatories , poorhouses and other such closed purpose-built institutions for control , treatment and punishment ( Rothman , 1970 ; Foucault , 1977 ; Cohen , 1979 ; Melossi and Pavarini , 1981 , Scull 1984 ) .
23 In extreme cases they became simply receiving institutions for classes of paupers with little hope .
24 In some cases , there are competing institutions for policy-making and implementation of soil conservation ( such as in FAO itself ) as in many governments of lesser developed countries .
25 The level of cover is usually 90% for buyer risk and 90 — 95% for political risk .
26 The healing rates achieved by a six to eight week treatment of erosive reflux oesophagitis are about 50% for potent histamine H 2 receptor antagonists ( for example , ranitidine ( 150–300 mg twice daily ) ) and up to 90% for omeprazole , a proton pump inhibitor .
27 We have shown that knowledge of immunohistological reactivity with a panel of six antibodies to tumour markers can predict the primary site of origin correctly in 70% of tumours in men and 58% of tumours in women with specificities ranging from 68% for breast tumours to over 90% for tumours in the gut , lung , prostate , and thyroid .
28 According to a previous study from Finland , however , the accuracy of the discharge data is good , being about 90% for pancreatitis .
29 It must be stressed , however , that , if the potential dysfunctional effects of ROI use are to be avoided , financial controllers must make it very clear throughout the organization exactly how supervisors are using ROI for evaluation and exactly how it is to be used by SBU and divisional managers .
30 He visited the church of Gesù Nuovo again and made his way to Piazza della Carità for coffee in the same restaurant .
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