Example sentences of "[noun] i [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 With all my worldly debts I thee endow …
2 Now er sure the programme has been delayed for all the reasons I I 've mentioned .
3 yeah , well yeah I mean one of the blokes I he said just over a pair of
4 Chairman I I wonder whether I could just make a sort of general statement from the department 's view before we go on to a particular issue if I may .
5 Yes er Chairman I I formally second that .
6 Er Chairman I I really have to say I do n't I do n't really agree with the assertion that the policy is is essentially more restrictive than than er P P G seven will indicate and I would endorse what er Patrick Earle has said in in that regard .
7 Thank you Chairman I I think er as far as I twelve 's concerned the County Council 's er reasonably happy with that er er policy as it stands , and I think most people erm not all but but certainly the majority of people who er commented on that , commented in a sort of an affirmative way , erm again the provisions of the policy as they are hopefully reworded will er promote the same sort of flexibility and generosity that erm policy I five .
8 Richmondshire , chairman I I think we er dealt with that fairly fairly readily , erm I th , a change if you were to recommend that er to meet the district 's case , erm I do n't think that would be likely to cause any any harm to the County Council 's strategy and er that 's exactly what Mr Potter er did say not too long ago .
9 So therefore Chairman I I do in fact support the amended er motion .
10 Okay then chairman I I would er recommend that we support the amendment moved by Mr .
11 No none of you do now but when he first suggested it everyone was up in arms and he poor old soul I remembered he said , I 've had enough change I I believe in this I I 've I 've tried I 'm too old now and out he walked .
12 I 'm there twelve hours I I .
13 Kirov I You have come on business , I hope ? ’
14 And of course I I wanted some land as I presume all Welshmen are land hungry .
15 And then he had a job , they had a job for him you know , and of course I he did n't want to leave me , Well I said , You can go , I said , it 's alright if I 'm going to sell , I said , that would be alright .
16 And here , here am I , and then I 'll say you know of course I you know I 'm indebted to you because I realize that , you know , Anna-Marie is quite prepared to go out with other men if she wants
17 See , marmit I it 's marmite .
18 If I make money I I 'll make you I can pay you as well , if I go up I mean if I go down , he said , I can go up or down as well , he said .
19 at times I I , er , yeah they 're awful !
20 Mummy me I
21 I 'm hot pardon me it was not me it was my tea
22 WILLIAMS : [ to BELVILLE ] With this ring I thee wed .
23 BELVILLE : [ repeating ] With this ring I thee wed .
24 The Skinner seminar , as far as I can remember , you 've got ta bear in mind I I mean it must be eight nine years ago I probably read Skinner in earnest , yeah ?
25 I must admit in the break I we like to do the crossword .
26 Dad 's on my erm thought I was ever so good no I usually have baths I I usually got erm
27 Now the N S P C C has er warned us of possible Halloween danger and er David I I missed your name there David so you 'll have to remind me what your name is .
28 But that about the shops I I never knew .
29 John 's told me to tell you to go and get it , right I said I said Richard coming , for four hundred pound I you 're not coming for it so that 's it oh you think it was pub machine or
30 Erm well as I 've as I 've in my submission I I think we can give qualified support for the proposal that erm Harrogate have put on the table .
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