Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 hark an hear da tractor a dizzen times afore he cam
2 So , smoker or not , drinker or latter-day prohibitionist , be sure to equip yourself with your full duty-free quotas of Marlboros and Bells afore ye go behind the remnants of the Iron Curtain .
3 Shortly afterwards officers smashed their way into Mrs Curran 's bungalow where they found the victims ' bodies in separate rooms .
4 However , the toxic effects of aluminium on fish are complex and , if the calcium content of the water is high , its ions are preferentially adsorbed on the gill surfaces where they block the absorption of aluminium ions and so reduce their impact ( Mason , 1990 ) .
5 It is not for Jan or I to welcome people to the Community , although we do everything else .
6 If they , they got they got piecework or they got th th the , they get either piecework or they get so much for the job so much , an hourly rate for the job .
7 If they , they got they got piecework or they got th th the , they get either piecework or they get so much for the job so much , an hourly rate for the job .
8 the name of the game is to race over the mountains … you can either go flat out for the fastest time … or take a treasure hunt sort of trail where you find and check in at remote control points … the route you find yourself …
9 Two lads , went up to them and says get off that bike or we 'll pull you off !
10 Folly can mean a useless building or it can mean a clump of trees on a hill .
11 William kept close to Hari 's side , though for his own protection or hers Hari was n't sure .
12 Heinrich , reeling after several glasses of schnapps , held carefully on to Emily 's arm ; whether for her protection or his , he did not question .
13 Judicial notions of justice must generally give way to those expressed by Parliament where they are inconsistent .
14 There is a point in moving him to London because that is near the Houses of Parliament where he has weight .
15 We get our , we 're very lucky because as I travel ov in the country , there 's lot 's of Co-ops as the Guilds do n't get the grant or they do n't get room rent .
16 But this is a flexible and convenient resort where it 's easy to dabble in windsurfing for a day or two , and easy to choose between local culture , local sailing , or long day cruises .
17 40 windsurfers share with 30 dinghy sailors and non-sailing friends , in this flexible resort where it 's possible for windsurfers to sail in Toppers or Lasers , and where the dinghy sailors can easily dabble in a little windsurfing .
18 At Club LaSanta , the sporting holiday resort where he trains in Lanzarote , the other guests are clearly getting a little fillip from the rangy , easy presence of their imagistic icon , but still he was cornered one night in the bar by a posse of English girls to be accused : ‘ Oh , we hear you 're really arrogant . ’
19 Page 42 tells you more about the Bodrum peninsula , Bitez , and the two delightful hotels we use , but this is a convenient resort where you live right on the beach , enjoying a friendly style of service that 's difficult to fault .
20 Editorial assistant Paula Lockey spent a day at Grayshott Hall Health and Fitness Resort where she had a body massage , a reflexology consultation and an hour-long Cathiodermie facial .
21 ‘ And leave your knickers where they are . ’
22 He has confidence in the director , Mike Ockrent , experienced in theatre but a film debutant : ‘ You do n't do Follies or Me And My Girl by phoning it in . ’
23 The aim is to create a European financial common market so that citizens and businesses in all member states will be free to invest their money , open accounts and take out loans and insurance policies where they choose .
24 The rest of this chapter will constitute an attempt to explain by means of this hypothesis the various uses of these two forms where they both occur with the same or similar full verbs .
25 Bruce 's forces were defeated first in Methven wood by the English , and then beside Loch Tay by Comyn 's uncle , the Lord of Lorn The king 's sister and the Countess of Buchan who had crowned him were dragged out of sanctuary where they had been sent for safety , and exhibited in cages hanging from castle walls at Roxburgh and Berwick .
26 Erm and then you could have your trade stand where they 've got to come and collect something and answer a question .
27 For present purposes it is sufficient to note that the expression embraces the period of two years prior to the onset of insolvency in the case of transactions at an undervalue and of preferences given to a person connected with the company , provided that at the time of the transaction the company was unable to pay its debts or it became unable to pay its debts by reason of the transaction .
28 Of course where we fail to reject it does not follow that speculative efficiency is true , only that these weak tests have failed to reject it .
29 But he was reserved , and he used to do a lot of thinking , especially on the golf course where he used to keep himself to himself .
30 It is a good tournament , a good field and a course where I have won before . ’
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