Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 hark an hear da tractor a dizzen times afore he cam
2 So , smoker or not , drinker or latter-day prohibitionist , be sure to equip yourself with your full duty-free quotas of Marlboros and Bells afore ye go behind the remnants of the Iron Curtain .
3 Shortly afterwards officers smashed their way into Mrs Curran 's bungalow where they found the victims ' bodies in separate rooms .
4 If he remembered our meeting in the subway or my relationship to my aunt , very correctly , he gave no sign .
5 I mean , is it a new management technique or something ?
6 Other criticisms of the Ridley ruling appear to show scant regard for the integrity of the retailer or its competitiveness .
7 Did you get all monies applied for or only part payment or none at all ? !
8 Now , they 're of two sort , there are the administrative staff , the financial staff , in other words , that have to do the physical assessments er , financial assessments which by the way are more complicated now than they were previously , because there 's all sorts of different elements and agreements having to be reached with individuals , or charitable institutions or whatever .
9 The Archive is able to service any user , unlike some data archives which can only provide services to member institutions or which need to impose charges for data .
10 However , the toxic effects of aluminium on fish are complex and , if the calcium content of the water is high , its ions are preferentially adsorbed on the gill surfaces where they block the absorption of aluminium ions and so reduce their impact ( Mason , 1990 ) .
11 It is not for Jan or I to welcome people to the Community , although we do everything else .
12 Please do not phone Mr Pirrie or myself to report faults or to chase progress , as no action will be taken unless the fault has been previously recorded .
13 Erm so do you need any of those drivers , Himem , ANSI or whatever , ?
14 If they , they got they got piecework or they got th th the , they get either piecework or they get so much for the job so much , an hourly rate for the job .
15 If they , they got they got piecework or they got th th the , they get either piecework or they get so much for the job so much , an hourly rate for the job .
16 Is that a Bernard or one that you happen to know of ?
17 The anti-lobby group 's tactic , which became a habit , was to report particularly sensational comments made by Sir Bernard or his underlings and to name the source .
18 the name of the game is to race over the mountains … you can either go flat out for the fastest time … or take a treasure hunt sort of trail where you find and check in at remote control points … the route you find yourself …
19 Whether it was her housekeeping or anything , he always let her down .
20 Two lads , went up to them and says get off that bike or we 'll pull you off !
21 She would n't give any explanation , so I assumed it was to collect a present that was too big to hide at home , like a bike or something .
22 A bike or something ? ’
23 Section 11(1) of the 1968 Theft Act provides : … where the public have access to a building in order to view the building or a part of it , or collection or part of a collection housed in it , any person who without lawful authority removes from the building or its grounds the whole or part of any article displayed or kept for display to the public in the building or that part of it or in its grounds shall be guilty of an offence .
24 Section 11(2) states : [ i ] t is immaterial … that the public access to a building is limited to a particular period or particular occasion , but where anything removed from a building or its grounds is there otherwise than as forming part of , or being on loan for exhibition with , a collection intended for permanent exhibition to the public , the person removing it does not thereby commit an offence under this section unless he removes it on a day when the public have access to the building as mentioned in sub-section ( 1 ) above .
25 The proposals covered are development in a conservation area , works to a listed building or which affect the setting of a conservation area or a listed building , and developments in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty .
26 ‘ Building operations ’ , for instance , include rebuilding operations , structural alterations of , or additions to , buildings and , somewhat curiously , ‘ other operations normally undertaken by a person carrying on business as a builder ’ ; but maintenance and improvement works which affect only the interior of the building or which do not materially affect the external appearance of the building are specifically excluded .
27 So if he asks you questions about the building or whatever then du n no
28 Folly can mean a useless building or it can mean a clump of trees on a hill .
29 ( 2 ) The offences referred to in sub-section ( 1 ) above are offences of stealing anything in the building or part of a building in question , of inflicting on any person therein any grievous bodily harm or raping any woman therein , and of doing unlawful damage to the building or anything therein .
30 Everybody knows — including I think members of the Council from all three political groups — everybody knows that we 've got increasing numbers of elderly people , we 've got increasing numbers of disabled and mentally ill people in the community , and if there is one service , and I know there are others , but if there is one service that needs constant new growth it 's Social Services , and that 's not me empire building or anything like that , that 's me simply saying in straight managerial terms there are forces which require us to increase the Social Services budget .
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