Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 For instance , where labour is either particularly demanding or is not in itself particularly fulfilling or interesting one could reasonably say it is in the interests of the workers concerned to work short hours and/or work at a relatively low intensity of labour .
2 Some heads of department involved other staff in producing their self-appraisal reports , either through discussing what was to be written at department meetings and/or asking members of the department to write parts of it .
3 The drafter may be tempted to overcome this problem by using " and/or " , as follows : If the Buyer fails to pay any instalment promptly in accordance with the terms of this contract the Seller may terminate the contract and/or recover goods already delivered and/or retain all payments already made .
4 Companies can meet these needs by internal financing-maintaining a liquidity cushion and/or retaining profits rather than distributing them to shareholders .
5 It is suited to large multi-divisional firms producing a wide range of products and/or operating across several countries .
6 The Duke said that there were two possible courses — to increase the endowment and/or to increase the annual subscription .
7 For a module involving several different forms of assessment and/or having more than one member of staff teaching and assessing it , double marking is not normally required .
8 Usually the most that governments have been prepared to do is to publicise their activities and/or to seek voluntary undertakings .
9 These new criteria will formalise overlapping conventions for subtyping anorexia nervosa into restricting and binge-eating/purging types based on the presence or absence of bingeing and/or purging ( ie , self-induced vomiting or the misuse of laxatives or diuretics ) .
10 In spite of this , there is plenty of scope for what is sought to be greatly reduced ; it is also possible for the permission to be limited in time , in other words for the development , building and/or use to be permitted only until some date in the future .
11 Working at or close to maximum rpm , an engine is relying entirely on power ( = torque × rpm ) to overcome resistance and/or accelerate .
12 These are portfolios consisting of 2 or more options with different expiry and/or exercise dates and rights ;
13 It is also helpful if it can be shown there have been arm 's length negotiations between management and the institutions and that the price benefit to management ( ie the fact that management acquire control of Newco but pay no more per share than the institutions and/or pay less than 50% of the price for more than 50% of the equity ) derives from those negotiations , rather than from management 's employment by Target .
14 Avoid strong tides , offshore winds , poor visibility or sailing in the dark .
15 Most of the game is mental — being able to keep your head clear and retain a certain outlook on life should mean that bad times are neither so frequent nor so lengthy as they would be if you start examining your technique or doubting your ability .
16 Instead of pitting the small firms against large firms , specialization by technique or process in a pervasive network of subcontracting forges a partnership which seems to have maintained the widely dispersed structure .
17 Instead of pitting the small firms against large firms , specialization by technique or process in a pervasive network of subcontracting forges a partnership which seems to have maintained the widely dispersed structure .
18 Indeed , you are permitted to make a faithful copy of a famous painting if you wish , as a means to master a particular technique or learn something of a process or style .
19 Specially printed promotional material was sent to each retailer or delivered by the Stoddard Templeton sales force to further strengthen the promotion with individual shop staff .
20 Whether you prefer to sell 100% for an immediate cash payment or to receive a smaller upfront payment and a deferred payment , determined by an earnout or retention or a minority stake with a pre-arranged exit .
21 Secondly , the exporter could insist on payment or make out a bill of exchange in DMs and thus transfer the foreign exchange risk to the importer .
22 Furthermore , the conditions can not impose a positive obligation , a financial payment or relate to land outside the application or the control of the applicant .
23 ‘ An act done before the giving of a promise to make a payment or to confer some other benefit can sometimes be consideration for the promise .
24 Is it strictly true to say that ‘ An act done before the giving of a promise to make a payment or to confer some benefit can sometimes be consideration for the promise ’ ?
25 Someone who has received an object in exchange is like a buyer ; and so is someone who has received it in payment or retained it after settlement of a law suit or obtained it on the basis of a promise otherwise than as a gift .
26 my Lord , er , er , in , in my submission the , the , the highest really could put their case is that if the matter were referred your Lordship simply did n't stay proceedings or permitted them for example to apply for interim payment or permitted them to take some procedural steps to pursue their action so that they were n't unduly delayed should they succeed at the end of the day and that would be a major concession because it would run against a normal rule cos on a reference the entire proceedings are stayed , that 's not a case just saying even if that is done , er that anybody is saying that particular measure is or is good is not good or may not be forced in the interim
27 Ward had not lied or misled anyone about the nature of the payment or tried to conceal the money he had received .
28 ( 3 ) A partner making , for the purpose of the partnership , any actual payment or advance beyond the amount of capital which he has agreed to subscribe , is entitled to interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum from the date of the payment or advance .
29 In many cases , as where the persons entitled are not of age , or not yet in existence , or not to be found , an executor or administrator will have to retain the property in his hands for a considerable time , though he may sometimes relieve himself by a payment or transfer into court , and in any case he can obtain the direction of the courts when doubts arise as to the proper course which he should take .
30 The 1971 characteristics of elderly people who by 1981 had moved into institutions or to live with younger relatives will be compared with the characteristics of those remaining in their own homes .
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