Example sentences of "[noun] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 In my experience the most effective way to resist his attempts to snag you is to heave at him with as much side-strain as your tackle strength will allow .
2 On Sept. 6 interest in the Iran-contra investigation was renewed when a federal grand jury indicted Clair E. George , former chief of CIA covert operations , on 10 felony accounts accusing him of lying to and obstructing congressional and judicial investigations of the Iran-contra affair .
3 Bachelard 's work on the formation of scientific disciplines led him to argue that the proper form of historical analysis should focus not upon an empirical history but upon the cognitive or epistemological status of concepts that distinguish a new science from an old one .
4 Their father who had started the business , although retired , was still usually to be found there , hovering in the background , his full white beard reminding me of Father Christmas .
5 John Morrissey put the home team ahead after eight minutes from a Kenny Irons pass and John Aldridge made it 2-0 eight minutes later after Irons rattled the bar .
6 It was easy to convince him of his worthlessness-to make him believe he was capable of such an act .
7 The vulnerability of minor revenue officials to demotion or removal made it imperative for them to remain on good terms with men of influence able to mar their careers , and shortly after his clash with the provost of Inverkeithing Main made his peace with the Cunningham family .
8 The hostile reception of Alford 's views led him to reflect that he was being denied the parliamentary right of free speech .
9 The chief purpose of the chapter is to outline how the two opposing groups in Ireland developed their dominant beliefs in the context of the new states of Ireland , and moulded the states to support them , strengthening antagonisms between the two groups .
10 In the end there was a tremendous battle because , although Mrs Christie expressed a wish in her will for the island to become a nature reserve , she left no money to carry it out .
11 I 'm not against the principle as I said when I came , when I was on the Council previously , when this was first hanging about , that there 's little doubt about it as , it 's a good policy , but will we get the money to carry it out .
12 Melt into the Jungle and no-one sees them again until Vic 's researchers track them down a year ago .
13 Because her social isolation was made worse by her inability to drive she agreed , before the next session , to take the therapist 's advice to arrange driving lessons .
14 These section 52 agreements became the object of increasing contention in the 1970s , with local authorities seeing them as a means of bargaining for planning gain , while developers , at the extreme , regarded them as blackmail .
15 Looking at it , Nutty realized you could use the Smiths ' bath without the Smiths knowing .
16 If the vicar thinks it does he is mistaken .
17 No , but every whenever his chest goes he 's
18 Investigations revealed he was driving without insurance or a licence .
19 Alison met him in the same bar .
20 Fairbank 's contribution to handwriting made him known to a larger public .
21 and the story goes he was stuck within minutes .
22 So he fought with him and and took his stick from him and gave him a whack on the head and he dropped , and the story goes he says we 'll go home now lads .
23 The Archdeacon realised he had been carried away , cleared his throat and gulped the last of the sherry .
24 Charley asked him .
25 But perhaps a pink Cadillac and James Dean to drive you away are the most desirable extras .
26 These imperfections make it all the more important for regulators to enforce the BIS minimums and set higher standards for riskier banks .
27 In fact no recent government has reduced local authorities ' statutory duties , only the money to perform them .
28 Ghosts did n't have to be stupid and scary like in stories Mrs Mills read them .
29 So in the end , even the chairman agreed I was right .
30 Father Devlin clapped him on the shoulder with a large heavy hand .
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