Example sentences of "'ve [be] talking to [noun prp] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
2 ‘ We 've been talking to Jane Pargeter . ’
3 Well I did we we talked about this , you see Mary Anne , half way through the conversation er Neil went out of the room so that I could to Mary Ann and I said towards the end of my conversation , you know , Mary Ann you 're a very wise person , give me some advice I said , I told her about Neil not wanting no not doing well on the driving , although he can drive she said he does n't want to do it she said do n't hassle him so when he came downstairs I said I 've been talking to Mary Ann and she sends you her love and because , of course , you know , we 've got a grandson , you know she had a son , my
4 We 've been talking to Michael Medleycote from the British Tourist Authority , and one of the points I was making to him was with the recession and also the Gulf war people are very concerned , a ) there 's the cost of flying , but also they 're concerned of course about security .
5 ‘ You 've been talking to Lily Bates . ’
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