Example sentences of "may be considered to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Since neither House can by its own declaration create a new privilege , privilege may be considered to be capable of being ascertained and thus judicially known to the courts .
2 There is no cut-off point above which ‘ churning ’ may be considered to be unacceptable , so clients have to watch their portfolios carefully .
3 This account of the functioning of the family in modern industrial society may be considered to be defective in a variety of respects .
4 The gyroscopes associated with Artifical Horizons are subject to errors both in turns and during fore-and-aft acceleration , but for all practical purposes may be considered to be unaffected by the normal manoeuvres experienced in airline operations .
5 Time and resources spent on music , therefore , may be considered to be disproportionate to its importance in the life of the community .
6 Even drinking in a public bar may be considered to be solitary if the principal reason for doing so is the consumption of alcohol rather than for specific social contact .
7 In effect , since energy is the capacity for doing work , all energy may be considered to be stored energy .
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