Example sentences of "just under [adj] per cent of " in BNC.

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1 Half of the theses were cited in the Science Citation Index , with just under thirty per cent of these being self-citations .
2 The latest official evidence shows that just under 70 per cent of adults with a disability — 4.2 million people — are over the age of 60 , compared with 25 per cent of the general population .
3 Ethnic Georgians , who constituted just under 70 per cent of the republic 's population , were assumed to have voted almost unanimously in favour .
4 In an £8m programme AMI is doubling the resources in its psychiatric division , which accounted for just under 5 per cent of group sales last year .
5 DEMOS took just under 55 per cent of the vote in the Socio-Political Chamber elections , which according to a proportional representation system gave it 47 of the 80 seats .
6 By 1988 there were almost 300,000 , just under 10 per cent of the estimated population of Lebanon .
7 Under the system of proportional representation used in the 1986 election , his party managed to win 35 parliamentary seats with just under 10 per cent of the vote .
8 Over the last twenty years , women have made up just under 50 per cent of all convicted shoplifters .
9 The RAC 's campaign manager , Edmund King , said : ‘ Research shows that just under 50 per cent of experienced drivers would fail their driving test if they took it today .
10 Admittedly the rise is small — from just under 24 per cent of the vote to 25.6 .
11 By 1979 , just under 30 per cent of the land in the reformed sector had been restored to its former owners ( Castillo and Lehmann 1982 ) .
12 Just under 30 per cent of black trainees obtain work as opposed to just over 45 per cent of their white counterparts .
13 Hence the equation leaves unexplained just over 70 per cent of the total variance , or conversely it explains just under 30 per cent of the variance [ ] .
14 Those people who learned before the age of 20 years , the majority of whom had deaf parents ( some had deaf siblings ) , are able to translate effectively just under 60 per cent of the information on average .
15 Just under 20 per cent of the population , however , in both areas complain of spring/summer symptoms and in the oilseed rape area a proportion attributed their symptoms to this crop .
16 It provided for a record deficit of 185,340,000 million forint ( US$2,260 million ) , representing just under 6 per cent of gross domestic product ( GDP ) and slightly less than the deficit expected for 1992 .
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