Example sentences of "if it [is] assumed that the " in BNC.

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1 Indeed , perceptual constancies are only a puzzle if it is assumed that the visual system acts like a camera .
2 Nor does the arts/science distinction make much sense in terms of graduate employment , if it is assumed that the distinction is based on a simple non-vocational/vocational one or ‘ non-relevant/relevant ’ one .
3 But the Belfast and Edinburgh situations are abnormal and irregular only if it is assumed that the patterns revealed in the New York City study are the normal and regular ones , and that Labov 's findings on the structure of that speech community are universally applicable .
4 If it is assumed that the system of corporate enterprise is the most efficient system for the creation of wealth , should it therefore be concluded that corporate power is legitimate ?
5 If it is assumed that the age structure of the inward flow and the outward flow is similar and that those who leave continue to reproduce at the same rate as those of a similar age who stay then an estimate of the number of births to women who leave can be made ( table ) .
6 If it is assumed that the expected volume of output is roughly equal to that experienced in the previous year , , then the higher is , the greater will gross investment tend to be .
7 If it is assumed that the Earth 's magnetic field was of this form in the past , then it is possible to estimate the position of the magnetic pole for rocks of known ages ( dated by radiometric methods ) by measuring their palaeomagnetism .
8 If it is assumed that the alternative to investing in equity is to invest in bonds , then , in the long run , it would be expected that the returns to these two investments would be equal after allowing for risk differentials .
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