Example sentences of "by [noun] [prep] all over the " in BNC.

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1 About 1500 works donated by artists from all over the world will be housed in the museum which will honour the memory of President Allende who was assassinated in 1973 .
2 The performances in Oxford itself of this summer 's season of theâtre de chambre will take place in the Debating Chamber of the Oxford Union , often used as a theatre , well-known to television viewers and famous as a training-ground for many of this country 's members of Parliament , including a number of Prime Ministers , as well as for the addresses there by statesmen from all over the world .
3 They come from India and Bangladesh and are inspired by art from all over the world , though we particularly liked the Ocean Creatures wrapping paper eight sheets for £2 featuring whales , seals and turtles .
4 There is a truly beautiful church , with a 12th century chancel arch and a Norman tower , which is visited and admired by people from all over the world .
5 Because of the present confusion in East Berlin , the owners of the buildings are unknown and many of them have been taken over by squatters from all over the world who make paintings , installations and sculpture frequently from old junk and scrap metal , create theatre and festivals , run parties and discos , bars etc .
6 There is also an annual rally in May for Brownies , attended by members from all over the country .
7 Elsie Stringer , 71 , of Billingham , is taking the plight of Britain 's pensioners to the European Parliament and will address a two-day conference attended by pensioners from all over the EEC .
8 New electoral rules will mean that at least part of Congress will be chosen by voters from all over the country , undermining the power of regional party bosses .
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