Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [prep] a long period " in BNC.

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1 Also , employers are constantly employing new staff so the return on selection has to be calculated over a longer period of time to get a true picture of the effects of selection methods .
2 For a start , it allows spreading to be carried over a longer period during the winter months ( Table 1 ) .
3 A behavioural response is strengthened when it has an increased probability of occurring ( frequency ) or when it is likely to be performed for a longer period of time ( duration ) .
4 Does my hon. Friend agree that when such councils involve constitutional amendments to the treaty as well as , as always , substantial business for the Heads of Government to transact , some new formula should be produced whereby meetings could be scheduled for a longer period ?
5 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
6 Capital allowances deducted from the taxable income may be higher in the early years ( and therefore lower in the later years ) thin book depreciation , which may be charged over a longer period .
7 An additional incentive is that a garden , in contrast to its associated historic building , does not always need substantial sums for major fabric repairs at the outset and can be revived over a longer period of time .
8 The picture was not seen as ‘ a moment of time ’ but the wings were assumed to be spread for a long period ( Goldsmith , 1984 , pp.2–3 ) .
9 But obviously a place not already converted would cost less initially , and the price of rebuilding would be spread over a longer period .
10 It faced substantial protests , however , from water suppliers , notably in the UK ( see pp. 36903 ; 37159 ) and in West Germany , who objected that the massive costs involved would need to be spread over a longer period .
11 If an experiment produces animals that are to be kept for a long period , or that are to form the basis of a breeding colony .
12 Debt due for repayment within two years could be paid within five years , and debt due to be repaid over a longer period could be paid within eight years .
13 This explains how the disease can be misdiagnosed over a long period and stresses the need for biopsy specimens whatever the type of gastric lesion .
14 These real arts of the field man 's work can only be acquired over a long period , and they must be practised and refined by an officer on his own in the course of his work .
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