Example sentences of "and [pers pn] be [adv] accepted [that] " in BNC.

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1 That view — first expressed six years ago — has now been given effect , and it is universally accepted that students are denied housing benefit and , in the majority of cases , housing support .
2 In 1912 Edison introduced the compatible ‘ Blue Amberol ’ records made of an even tougher plastic ; and it is generally accepted that Blue Amberols had a better , higher fidelity performance than any other medium before the First World War .
3 Consumer public relations depends on using to the full this part of the media and it is generally accepted that any consultant working in this field will have contacts within the appropriate media .
4 When I was a student , the alkanes were known as methane , ethane , propane , butane , pentane etc , and it was generally accepted that not until pentane did the name indicate the number of carbon atoms involved .
5 His15 in S. faecalis HPr has a relatively low p K a ( 6.1 ) and it was generally accepted that this resulted from the direct interaction between the side chains of His15 and Arg17 .
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