Example sentences of "it can be said to be " in BNC.

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1 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
2 And , let it be noted , if 1920 marked the high tide of Bukharin 's leftism , then it can be said to be equally true of the Bolsheviks as a whole , Lenin included .
3 We saw earlier that majority decision-taking , even in the context of direct participatory democracy , poses the problem of how those who oppose the majority position and vote against it can be said to be governing themselves .
4 Indeed , it can be said to be a consequence , but also a cause , of the growth of the academic subject with which this book is concerned .
5 Of course , as recognized by the judge in the above case , if the structure is dictated by function then it can be said to be an uncopyrightable idea although , often that will not be so ; there will be a variety of potential structures possible .
6 If the information has been divulged to sufficient people so that it can be said to be no longer confidential , an injunction will not be of any help ; it would be like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted .
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