Example sentences of "it [is] [adv] assumed that this " in BNC.

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1 It is normally assumed that this reconstruction will not result in long-term unemployment of resources , or worse , permanent under-utilisation of resources in some sectors .
2 It is usually assumed that this is a deficiency in the enzymes ( see p 18 ) that detoxify foreign chemicals .
3 It is sometimes assumed that this outside world , composed of external structures and processes , exists at some level above that of the actor 's home ground .
4 The sense of urgency conveyed by the ‘ Look out ’ indicates the expectation that the pram , complete with baby , will fall over the cliff and perhaps be dashed on the rocks beneath and it is further assumed that this will be-deleterious for the baby .
5 It is commonly assumed that this is widespread and costs enormous sums of money , and that it is a more serious offence than tax-evasion , which in fact costs the exchequer billions of pounds , far in excess of the cost of social security fiddling .
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