Example sentences of "of [noun] [prep] all over the " in BNC.

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1 In 1971 following recommendations from both the World Health Organization and the International Union against the Venereal Diseases and Treponematoses ( IUVDT ) , a travelling seminar of experts from all over the world was convened to examine the service for sexually transmitted diseases in the United States , the training of the medical personnel and undergraduates , and to suggest ways in which these could be improved .
2 All the crop management methods are set out for growers in a document compiled by JS with the help of experts from all over the world .
3 Walkowitz was one of the hundreds of artists from all over the world who flocked to Paris during the opening decade of our century and came away profoundly changed by the experience .
4 Early one morning , in the merry month of May , I stood in this dining room watching a group of climbers from all over the world being introduced to The Great Tradition .
5 You 'll get cries of innocence from all over the City , of course .
6 But what I think now is France want only French chefs , but England you have selected er sort of chef from all over the world , which is good , and we ca n't compete .
7 A spectacular World Horticultural Exhibition , festivally named Floriade , is held every ten years in the Netherlands attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world .
8 By now it contains hundreds of names from all over the world .
9 The conference is expected to bring together a very diverse group of practitioners from all over the world and many leading world figures in practical systems thinking have agreed to attend .
10 In 1917 , after the bombing of Funchal by the Germans , a large procession of people from all over the island walked to Monte to pray for peace , and the local priest promised in his prayers that , if peace came , he would erect a monument to Our Lady of Monte .
11 Hundreds of people from all over the world have come together to talk about elves , hobbits and dragons .
12 In Latin America , the Second Vatican Council was followed up by a meeting of bishops from all over the continent in Medellin , Colombia .
13 Further investigations by teams of scientists from all over the world have since laid the blame on man-made chlorinated substances that remain in the atmosphere for 100 years or more , where they destroy ozone .
14 Colleagues from the medical profession were joined by local MPs , lawyers , and a wide circle of friends from all over the country and further afield .
15 First , came that Sunday when members of the congregation , with the help of friends from all over the City and beyond , even via Tiberias , on Lake Galilee , set to work to prepare the whole church for Christian Aid .
16 Compton House , another stately home , houses a fine collection of butterflies from all over the world .
17 The people at Beckford Silk are happy to think that their ties will end up around the necks of tourists from all over the world .
18 Mr Brownhut said he had no idea why anyone should want to upset the show , which is expected to attract thousands of spectators from all over the province .
19 Immediately following the invasion and on the basis of reports from all over the Reich , the SD registered ‘ the greatest surprise ’ and ‘ a certain dismay ’ ( though no major shock ) at the news .
20 THOUSANDS of fun-seekers from all over the province are expected to flock to the north west this weekend for a thrilling double bill of the North West 200 and the International Air Show .
21 Thousands of nurses from all over the region will gather at St George 's Hall for the two-day nursing conference , launched by Health Minister Brian Mawhinney .
22 After a career in the British army , during which time he had done a great deal of fieldwork and excavation , and had amassed a collection of artefacts from all over the world , he spent the rest of his life studying and excavating archaeological sites on his estate .
23 This museum has the biggest collection of instruments from all over the world in Europe .
24 No two coalfields were the same , but if a general pattern can be discerned from the variety of experience it is that during the first half of the nineteenth century each region largely generated its own workforce from the natural increase of its population , but that the spectacular later developments drew not only upon local men who left the farms or rural crafts and industries in large numbers but also upon the surplus population of counties from all over the British Isles .
25 Scott Anderson was particularly pleased with an album of stamps from all over the world , commemorating the Wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales ; and with his ‘ find ’ of the year , inside an ordinary catalogue , of something extraordinary – an envelope from the U.S. bearing a 1869 postmark .
26 Further data on these geomagnetic reversals were collected and by the mid-1960s a chronology of reversals had been established through the radiometric dating of a large number of samples from all over the world .
27 The contest , to be staged at Wembley Grand Hall on 20 March , is open to male and female enthusiasts of all ages and levels of fitness from all over the country .
28 WE get thousands of pieces of paperwork from all over the world at the Matchroom : fan mail , bills and God knows what else .
29 He summoned scholars and men of wisdom from all over the known world , his main personal tutor and mentor being Alcuin of Northumberland from England .
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