Example sentences of "brought tears to [pos pn] eye " in BNC.

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1 The punchline actually brought tears to her eyes and caused Isa Peebles to laugh so hard she almost fell off her stool .
2 A fire brigade spokesman said last night : ‘ It 's a serious matter — but it must have brought tears to her eyes . ’
3 So many feelings raced through her as she stood there — admiration , delight and pleasure that almost brought tears to her eyes .
4 That really would have brought tears to my eyes .
5 ‘ It nearly brought tears to my eyes , ’ confessed Dr Phil Gates yesterday in recalling the moment that he had a polythene bag in front of him which contained £250,000 in old notes .
6 He had passed by the very spot only the other day , and it had brought tears to his eyes .
7 The boeuf Gardiane which followed brought tears to our eyes ; we had been overwrought and dropping with fatigue , and while the food we had already eaten had cheered and comforted us , it was n't until the cover was taken off the dish of beef stew and we smelt the wine and the garlic and the rich juices and saw the little black olives and the branches of wild thyme which had scented the stew laid in a little network over the meat , that the tension vanished .
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