Example sentences of "easy it be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Also , if a contractor is to carry out the work the more information we can supply to them the easier it is for them to provide an accurate tender .
2 ‘ The more information we can get from the public the easier it is for us to tackle criminals and make life in the town better for everyone , ’ he said .
3 The fitter we become and the more energy we expend on a regular basis , the easier it is for us to maintain our new figure .
4 Thus , the more mobile a dipolar group , the easier it is for it to follow the electric field up to higher frequencies , whereas the less mobile groups can only orient at lower frequencies .
5 He knew how easy it was for someone to conceal himself amongst the clutter of hanging garments , unseen and unsuspected , while even grown-ups went about their business in ignorance of his presence .
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